Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival: Andrew Rayel

This year's Dragon Boat festival was a little bit different from the traditional event; Not only did Hong Kongers enjoy the epic races, they were also graced with world-renowned DJ, Andrew Rayel's, presence.

Wrapping up the first day of action, Rayel went on stage as the main act of the free event. Playing through pouring rain and intense humidity, Rayel rocked the outdoor stage at Central Harbourfront, with the crowd matching his energy beat by beat.

Andrew Rayel Stage

Having attended Rayel's event before in Vancouver, we can honestly say that events in Hong Kong are different in comparison to those in North America, even when they're performed by the same artist. Perhaps it is because Hong Kong has only recently delve into the world of EDM and music festivals, as artists who come to perform often change their sets to something they perceive to be desired by the local audience. For some, this may be a good thing, as the change often leans towards the side of mainstream music, allowing new listeners to join in on the fun. However, for devoted fans, the sets may leave something to be desired.

Despite that, Andrew still did magnificently, especially in the dreary weather he was dealt with. Not only did he kill it with his enthusiasm and energy, he proved to be a genuine, down-to-earth guy. As many groupies know, not all DJs are down to interact with their fans, sometimes even outrightly ignoring them - not Andrew though. Not only did Andrew rep our gear when he played in Vancouver, he was sweet enough to wear our bracelet for his set in Hong Kong as well.

Andrew Rayel Stage

All in all, this was a great event to kick off Hong Kong's open air performances; we proved we can party hard, even in the midst of Asia rain. Can't wait for what (or who!) next year's Dragon Boat Carnival brings.