Summer Love Pool Party: Paris Hilton

Paris rocked the stage at Macau's Studio City Summer Love Pool Party and Electric Soul was lucky enough to meet her!

If most of you are like me, the last thing you probably heard about Paris Hilton was her hit reality TV show, "My New BFF". However, that show actually aired in 2009, so yeah, it's been a while. During the last couple of years, Paris has been building up her DJ resume, becoming the resident artist at Ibiza's infamous club, Amnesia, for 3 consecutive summers and playing all across the world, with her re-tweeting a claim that her hourly wages were higher than that of Tiesto and Deadmau5. And now, the heiress has made her mark on Macau.

Having gone to raves since she was 15, Paris has a deep passion for the EDM scene; in her interview with local Hong Kong TV channel, TVB, Paris reveals that she honestly just DJs for fun. I mean, we all know it's not like she *needs* the extra cash. Business women by day - She's planning to open 200 new stores in China alone! - and DJ by night, Paris swapped her elegant yellow gown for her signature glitter headphones, ready to rock the tropical themed pool party at Studio City Macau. .

Her set was energetic and fun, exactly what you expect from America's favourite party girl, with songs that had everyone in the pool jumping up and down. The atmosphere, the lights, the vibe, everything was amazing. It's no wonder everyone called this the event of the season.

Following the pool party was the after-party, also hosted by Paris. Slightly before the indoor event started, Paris had a meet and greet for the VIPs and Electric Soul was lucky enough to be one of them! Meeting Paris was quite the experience; you know how people say that celebs only look amazing because of photoshop? Well, we can tell you that Paris is drop-dead gorgeous both on magazines *and* in real life. Not only was she jaw-dropping-beautiful, she was also super sweet and down-to-earth. She was nothing like the air-head blonde she used to portray in her reality shows, a facade she admits to having put up. She was friendly, funny and even repped our sunnies for us.

Electric Soul x Paris Hilton @ Summer Love Pool Party from Ashleigh Kaitlyn Ho on Vimeo.

We also met these siblings, Nuno and Deborah, while we were waiting for Paris to come greet us. Nuno attends fashion school in the UK, which explains for the siblings' fabulous outfits for the event.


The rest of the night went just as well as the beginning; big crowd, amazing vibe and great music. It was so good that we're tempted to go as far as calling Pacha Macau the best venue for a pool party in Asia! Guess we'll just have to go to more pool parties this summer to know for sure, but in the meanwhile, check out Pacha's after-event movie to see how epic the event really was!


Thank you Pacha for bringing Paris to Asia, we can't wait for your next party!