Electric Daisy Carnival 2016 ~ Las Vegas

For anyone living under a rock the past couple of weeks, Electric Daisy Carnival just celebrated its 20th anniversary in the form of a kick-ass 3 day music festival in Las Vegas.

For this 20 year milestone, Insomniac (the producers) pulled out all the stops in the creation of their electric wonderland; over 250 incredible artists playing over 3 days on stages enhanced with pyrotechnics, amazing sound design and state of the art lighting systems, built across a 1000 acres of Vegas Motor Speedway. KineticFIELD (the main stage) itself was 400 feet wide and over 100 feet tall, towering over the thousands of festival attendees in the shape of an erupting volcano equipped with sparklers, lights, lasers and smoke machines. Don't believe us? See our full EDC album on our Facebook page.


Via YourEDM

Of course, you can't go to EDC without seeing the nightly fireworks, a staple that has only gotten better and better every year. Never in our lives have we seen a more intricate and beautiful firework display than those of the carnival, with each "boom" coinciding with the beat blasting from the sound system. The fireworks display is definitely the highlight of every night and we recommend anyone who ever goes to EDC to try and stick it out till the end of the night so you can experience the magic yourself. If you didn't get to go to EDC this year, hopefully you got a glimpse of it from our Snap story (@electricsoulapp), but if not, don't worry, we saved the video just for you!

Electronic Daisy Carnival 2016 - Final Fireworks from Electric Soul on Vimeo.

Though the stages, scenery, rides and overall appearance of EDC was above and beyond, the real WOW factor still lies within the festival goers. Electric Soul has gone to EDC four years in a row, and every year, we keep telling ourselves "This is the last year" and yet, year after year, we find ourselves walking through the neon gardens of the carnival.

scenery picture, neon gardens

Every year, we're more mind blown than the last, completely in awe at everyone's colourful costumes, hair, masks, and kandies. Not only are we at a lost for words at the amount of creativity and time put into each and every single costume worn at the festival, we also get crazy-excited to then have someone do a Kandi trade with us. Every single Kandi someone has given to us, whether it be at EDC or any other festival, has a meaning. Each Kandi represents a memory, a memory of the moment shared between you and your new festie bestie. It's a token of their friendship and a gesture that symbolizes the connection made that day. Some people spend hours and even days perfecting their Kandies, so to have someone choose YOU to be the recipient of one is a feeling we just can't describe in words. Look at all the Kandies we received from EDC! We truly felt the love.


When people talk about the PLUR culture associated with dance music, most outsiders just nod or even scoff at the notion. It's something you'll only ever truly feel if you've experienced something as great as EDC; every year we go, we meet amazing people that we would've never met had we not gone. Everyone is always in good spirits, despite the heat and traffic. Likewise, we've never seen a single fight in the four years we've been, an impressive feat when you have thousands of people crammed together in small spaces. We can genuinely say that there's no better vibe and atmosphere than what you get at EDC.

vibes photo

Obviously, we were waving our Electric Soul flag everywhere we went at EDC, being 100% shameless. Amazingly enough, our friends Jennifer and Joey were able to find us in the sea of 500,000 people! We first met them at Beyond Wonderland in 2014 and have even visited them in San Fransisco before, but the fact that we were able to bump into each other at EDC was a miracle. Anyone who's been to EDC knows how hectic the 3 days are, so scheduling meet ups is basically impossible, making this accidental bump-in seem more like fate than coincidence. In celebration, we all crowded together in our circle and gushed over seeing one another again.


Later on, the same thing happened but with friends whom we met at EDC 2014! Ashley and Joaquin found us from our flag and once again, showed the power of music in bringing people together. From EDC 2014 to...

Ashley's Gang 2014

EDC 2016!

Ashley's gang

And lastly, we ran into our old university friend Daizy, who also spotted us in the crowd of thousands via our flag.

In addition to bumping into old festie besites, we also had the pleasure of meeting some awesome new ones! Tawab and her crew were so fun and sweet, thank you so much to Jennifer and Joey (They're the creators of the infamous @Ravecouples instagram account!) for introducing us to them. We can't wait to party with you guys again!

Ashley's gang

Seeing all the friends we made at previous festivals and meeting all new ones at EDC reminded us of the reason Electric Soul started. We wanted a platform that could help fosters the growth of friendships and connections between people of the same mind, as these people can truly become very much like family to you. Going to EDC only strengthened our determination to continue to grow our app, so others can one day make the same connections we have, with people around the world.


Thank you Insomniac and EDCLV 2016, we've had a blast!