6 Stores To Shop At for Rave Wear

1. Dolls Kill

Link: http://www.dollskill.com/clothing.html

From light up fairy wings to 24K white gold blunt wraps, this store has it all. Dolls Kill has grown in popularity for its quirky and colourful style that's mixed in with a bit of soft grunge, gaining favour with well known Youtubers like Bunny (A.K.A Grav3YardGirl) and Trisha Paytas (A.K.A blndsundoll4mj). In addition to their collection of wacky and eccentric accessories, home decor and smoke shop items, the store also hosts a killer selection of rave wear. Going for a bold look? You can find tons of bodysuits with intricate cutouts, crazy designs and neon colours. Want to go all out with pasties this year? Dolls Kill has a whole section dedicated to them - LED hearts, cute kittens, poop emojis - anything your heart desires. Even if you're just shopping for some new high waisted festival shorts, Dolls Kill has you covered with rips, lace ups, pleather, spandex and more. With shipping to over 200 countries world wide, you're sure to get the outfit you want, wherever you may be.

Dolls Kill

2. Shop Stay Wild

Link: http://www.shopstaywild.com/collections/clothing

Similar to Dolls Kill, Shop Stay Wild offers a wide selection of eclectic products for their customers. Though their main focus is smoke shop accessories, we still highly recommend their clothing collection as a great place to look for unique and fun pieces to finish off your festival OOTDs. They carry an assortment of dainty crop tops that feature trendy expressions and tons of sassy phone cases that'll keep your phone protected during your rave sessions. Not enough? They also sell cute iron-on patches that'll jazz up any outfit you choose to wear. To top it all of, the store is also known for putting up great sales at a constant rate. 4th of July? 20% sale! Christmas? 40% sale! A random Thursday night? 30% flash sale! They're like Oprah, but with amazing sales. By "they" I mean the two super friendly girls who personally respond to emails about products and run the Instagram & Snapchat accounts. However, since this is a small business, items tend to sell out fast, so be sure to pick up stuff right when you see it!

Shop Stay Wild

3. Shop Jeen

Link: http://www.shopjeen.com/collections/crop-tops

This one might be for the simple gal who's just looking for a new crop top for her first rave. Shop Jeen carries an abundant amount of half shirts (Let's be honest, that's what a crop top is) that feature sassy slogans like "Wifey Material" and "Thirsty for Attention". Or maybe you're not into crop tops; Shop Jeen also has a bunch of hats that can protect your beautiful face while you rave at the hottest (literally and figuratively) festivals this year. If those items don't interest you, at least check out their website for the cutest bubble tea mouse icon ever!

Shop Stay Wild

4. Nasty Gal

Link: http://www.nastygal.com/festival-shop/?seg=3

A long-time crowd favourite, Nasty Gal has been in the game for a while, with flagship stores in Santa Monica and Hollywood. The store has grown so much in popularity that they're even doing a show about the creator of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso, on Netflix! Enough about her though, what we're interested in are the clothes she curates. On Nasty Gal, customers can find some of the trendiest clothes available at the moment, ranging in prices and brands. However, with the growth of festivals and the like, even Nasty Gal recognizes the market potential of ravers, having created a page solely dedicated to festival wear. Taking a more boho chic approach, the site caters to Coachella-esque fashionistas, featuring embellished bottoms, muted colours, crochet tops and flowy bottoms. Though the price tag for Nasty Gal can sometimes be steep, the quality of the clothes are representative of what you pay for.

Nasty Gal

5. LA With Love

Link: http://lawithlove.storenvy.com/collections/1110777-crop-tops

Hopping onto the bralette bandwagon is L.A With Love, a store that has excellent dupes for the beautiful (and hella $$$$) bras by For Love and Lemons. Lacy bralettes are the latest must-haves of every outfit, combining comfiness (bras are not fun) with a peek-a-boo amount of sexiness, depending on the bralette type. This trend has taken the festival scene by storm, with tons of girls donning on bralettes in replacement of crop tops. So if you're interested in rocking the same look, L.A with Love has you covered with tons of different styles and types. We highly recommend the ones that incorporate the "bondage" (don't worry, it's not that type of bondage) aspect within the design, as the straps added to the torso adds a lil' something extra to the whole look. When buying from them, allow a little extra time for shipping and delivery, especially if you're outside the U.S.

L.A With Love

6. MockNi


This store is not so much a store, and not so much a store dedicated to rave wear. However, the items being sold are so cute that we can't resist putting it on our list. This Etsy store is run by Alisa Belochkina in Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand, selling only handmade feather accessories. Her high quality creations are the perfect add on to your boho chic, festival look, adding some Pocahontas vibes along with it. The homemade headbands feature long strings with feathers attached to the bottom in a different array of colours, so you can choose to have them mix flawlessly with your own hair or choose a bold color and have it stand out. If you don't see exactly what you want on the site already, she also does custom orders on request, ensuring that you'll get the magical headpiece you need to finish off your costume.


Have fun shopping Electric Soul Crew ;)