Who's @Ravecouples?

With 30k followers and growing, the Instagram account, @ravecouples, is well known amongst casual and veteran ravers. The account celebrates the abundance of love that flows from festivals by featuring couples who use their hashtag. Though the account is known for showcasing all the beautiful festival attendees in the picture, not much is known of the account owner.


Luckily, Electric Soul had the pleasure of meeting the owners of the account at Beyond Wonderland 2014. It was actually kind of crazy how quickly we became friends to be honest, it was as if we had known each other for years before! After that, we continued to stay in touch through Facebook, and we even managed to meet up every year in San Fransisco since then! And obviously, we had to see them when we went to EDC this year.


But enough about us, I know you just want to know all about them. So without further ado, here's our lil' interview with Jennifer and Joey!

Q.1: How did you guys meet?

On July 28th, 2012 at Kaskade's show in Bill Graham Civic Centre in San Fransisco. It was the 1st rave I had ever been to. Now, 4 years later, I'm getting married to my fiance, lover, best friend and rave partner! That night was so significant because that was the night that I not only fell in love with the rave community, but also the night I met my bride to be.

Q.2: How did you incorporate raving into your relationship?

From there on, we started attending raves as a couple together and the whole experience just grew from there. Being able to share a rave with the one you love is truly something magical.

Q.3: So how did @ravecouples come about?

We started to realize that there were so many couples just like us at raves! Ones that shared not only a love for each other, but a love for the music and vibes all around. We met so many amazing couples that raved together at events, and shared so many love stories with all rave couples alike. We began taking photos with other couples at events for the memories, but then it hit me in an instant. I not only wanted to share the photos and memories with friends but wanted to share the photos and memories of couples that raved together all around the world. And I wanted a place where all rave couples could be shared and share stories about how they met, why they love raving together etc, so I knew I needed a social media outlet to share all of the photos that were out there of couples that rave.

Q.4: Why Instagram though?

I chose Instagram because I felt most comfortable with the interface compared to something like tumblr.

Q.5: How'd you come up with the account name?

I wanted the name for the IG account to be something that was not only easy to say and memorize, but also something that was simplified and stayed true to what it was that I wanted to post. I decided on the name @Ravecouples, and it stuck with me ever since.

Q.6: How did you start growing your following? You guys have over 30K followers now!

The very first post I had ever posted and shared was one of Jennifer and I, in fact, it was the first ever Ravecouples photos we had ever taken together. And from there on, I began searching for Ravecouples photos that already existed on IG and then posting them. I started to notice that, after a few posts, people were commenting/requesting that I share their photos on our @Ravecouples page!

Q.7: How do you feel about your new-found fame?

It was exactly what I had imagined! An Instagram site where people can share their loved ones and stories with the world.

Q.8: Anything else you would like to say?

A few hundred Ravecouples posts and 30K followers later, Ravecouples is still going strong and it's because of the continued support and love from Ravecouples and ravers from all around the world! So be sure to check us out on @ravecouples on instagram and let us share your story!


A huge thank you to Jennifer and Joey for taking time out to answer our questions! Now that you've heard their adorable story, be sure to check out their account and give them a follow!