What You Should Bring to Music Festivals

Planning to go to RTU HK in September or any other fab festivals this summer? Read up on what you should bring in order to get the most of of your experience! (A pineapple is not one of them, as much as our banner photo may suggest)

1. Bag

A backpack, shoulder bag, satchel, fanny pack...ANYTHING that lets you be handsfree will make your festival experience 10xs better. No one wants to be holding a million and one things when the bass drops, so don't let that be you. With fanny packs making a comeback as the preferred bag choice for attendees, you can easily be festival-ready just by raiding your mom's closet. If you can't find anything there, we highly recommend this Mochi Drawstring Bag that claims to make the best drawstring bags EVER.

Fanny Pack

Look at her fashionable fanny pack! #raveready

2. Money Belt/Bra Stash

Once you have your main bag to put all your heavier things in, you should invest in a smaller, easy-access holder for your cash, cards and phone. Money belts are thin, fanny-pack like bags that go around your waist and are meant to be tucked into the front of your pants. This makes the contents of the bag easily accessible for the person, yet safe from any thieves on the hunt (Pretty sure you'll notice someone trying to stick their hand down your pants). "But I'm not planing to wear pants to rave!". Ah, if you're someone who prefers to rave in booty shorts or bodysuits with very little space to shove a money belt in, then the Bra Stash might be the thing for you. Made with soft and smooth silk, this pouch is meant to snap over your bra to provide close-to-body security. Now you can awkwardly reach into your boobs whenever you need to pay for anything at the festival instead of rummaging around your bag!

Bra stash

Maybe she has a bra stash on? ;)

3. Phone Charger

Whether you're an Instagram model or just a normal, everyday 'grammer, everyone is addicted to social media these days and would rather die than miss that perfect snap when the DJ comes out and the sparklers go crazy. With Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope, and the like draining your phone's battery, there's no way your Iphone can make it through the entire 6 hour show! (Let's be honest, Iphones last about like 3 hours max). So come prepared with a portable charger, maybe two if you're super hardcore. Keener points if your chargers are even solar-powered!

Electric Soul Phone

Yeah we definitely always have our phone charged (Shameless promotion, duh)

4. Water Pack

Water bottles can be big and clunky, so it's understandable that you wouldn't want to bring one to a festival. However, water is crucial at a festival for health reasons, as you tend to lose a shit ton of water from dancing in the heat. That's where water packs come in; lightweight and foldable, these water packs are basically strong plastic bags with a mouth piece for you to drink out of. So when you don't need water, you can flatten it and place it neatly in your bag, leaving you with plenty of space for other festival essentials. Bonus Tip: Put ice in the water pack to make your water ice cold and so you can use it as an ice pack to keep your body cool.

UO Water

Try Urban Outfitter's cute Wine2Go pack, but you know, put water in it instead of wine...though, we wouldn't judge you even if you did put wine in it.

5. Waterproof Phone Bag

Rain sucks. We all know this. Shit gets wet, your hair gets flat, your jeans stick to your body. As much as we hate rain, it's inevitable at times, especially during outdoor festivals. So come prepared with a waterproof phone case/bag so you can still capture all the beautiful moments without ruining your tech during the rainstorm. Even if it isn't raining out, the waterproof phone protector can come in handy when you least expect it. Don't be like us at EDC, where we missed out on this awesome ride because it involved getting a bit wet and we didn't want our phones to get ruined :(

EDC Wet Ride

Needless to say, we did not get to experience the Big Splash

6. Hand Sanitizer & Tissues

Whether you're at an indoor event or an outdoor wonderland, one thing is bound to be common; you'll be waiting in line for seemingly forever for the bathrooms. Not only will you be standing in line for what feels like eternity, you'll also be facing the dreaded port-a-potty dilemma; so you're finally at the front of the line, you kick open the first door that's free and you realize that a) it's disgusting inside and b) there's no tissue paper. It's not like you're going to run back out and get things to clean it up, only to have to wait another 30 minutes for the bathroom again. This is where the hand sanitizer and tissues you pre-prepared comes in handy. Now you can pee in peace AND make sure you're nice n' clean afterwards! Bonus; If you're the type of girl who gives 0 fucks, try the P-Mate device to unleash all your dreams of peeing while standing up, bye bye washroom lines!


7. Mint/Gum

Following along the whole "Clean" sentiment, festivals goers should probably carry some mint or gum with them while they're at festivals. With all the alcohol consumption mixed intermittently with festival food, your breath will probably reek, making for terribly awkward encounters with any new friends you make while there. So carry a pack of mints with you or chew on some mint-flavoured gum and be smooch-ready when and if the time comes ;)

EDC Wet Ride

8. Go Pro/360 Degree Camera

Maybe the quality on your Iphone 6s just doesn't cut it for you, or maybe you're a tourist raving in Ibiza for the very first time. Whatever your case is, bringing along a professional camera can truly heighten the quality of what you capture, making for great memories that you can look at years later. However, many festivals actually don't allow professional cameras into camp grounds anymore. One way around this problem is to bring a Go Pro; small and lightweight enough to shove into your pocket while still being able to capture all your fave festival moments in HD. Not good enough? What about 360degrees worth of HD pictures? Products like the Ricoh Theta S can capture vivid, high resolution photos or videos with 360 degree accuracy, ace photos for Instagram guaranteed!


Via Trendy Net

9. Ear Plugs

This one might sound a bit odd as you're mainly going to festivals to listen to music, not block it out. However, it's actually harmful to your ears to be standing a meter away from the sound system when the bass drops, even though you're feeling hyped af to be standing near the front. To combat this, many seasoned festival attendees often bring ear plugs in to lessen the damage to their ears. Though, when I say earplugs, I'm not talking about the bright ass orange plastic ones you see people wear on the plane to block out the sounds of babies crying for 16 hours. I'm talking about high tech, smart ear plugs like the Here ear plugs created by Doppler. They can tune out specific noise and sounds via the app connected with the ear plugs, making it effortless to control the level of noise being streamed into your ear.The $300USD price tag may seem steep, but I think it's worth it if you're seriously into the music scene. If you're really not down to spend the cash, you can still revert back to using the orange ones you see on planes ;)


Let's hope Paris' backup dancers were wearing some earplugs while dancing right next to the speakers!

10. Sunblock & Sunnies

In the same lines of protection and safety, Electric Soul highly recommends attendees of outdoor festivals to go prepared with sunblock and sunglasses for the event. Whether it's bright af out or the sky is brimming with clouds, UV rays can harm your skin. Let's be real, we're all at festivals to be young and free, not to get premature winkles and skin cancer.


Just look how sunny it was at Coachella this year!

11. Your Country Flag

Not only is this a great prop for all your festival pics, repping your country's flag can act as a marker for where your squad is. Maybe you all went on a bathroom break and lost your buddy in the sea of people. With no wifi or cell connection on most festival grounds, it's way more convenient to just stick your flag up high into the air and pre-plan with friends so they know to look for it if lost. Bonus; you can also wrap it around you as a makeshift cape for your festival costume ;)


12. Kandies

This might be something only hardcore ravers care about, but it's definitely a great thing to start getting into if you're interested. Kandies are basically friendship bracelets made by festival goers before the event, utilizing anything from breads, perlers to giant charms. They can come in all different shapes and sizes, with the more outrageous ones even including things like LED lights or glow in the dark aspects. Making Kandies and trading it with new festie-besties is all part of the festival-going experience, so I highly recommend you looking into it if you're into the whole idea. If you want to know more about Kandies, keep an eye out for our future Kandy + PLUR culture blog post!