Signo Sound Session ~ Repulse Bay

This past weekend, Electric Soul held it's first party in collaboration with our buddies, Signo Sound, at Sunset Beach Club. It was a mid-day rager, with free flow Jungle Juice, vodka mixers, beer and food filling the tummies of 200 of our friends. First off, we just want to say a huge thank you to all those who came out and partied with us, you guys sure went hard (We finished ALL the alcohol!). Don't forget to check out your photos from that night on our Facebook Page.


The beautiful rooftop venue situated next to the beach provided the perfect backdrop (and lighting, hehe) for our photo booth. Even though it was an outdoor venue, we had access to the Pulse's bathroom downstairs, in addition to having the Market Place and 7/11 just around the corner. This meant that we were able to run and get ice, cups, napkins and most importantly, drink refills throughout the night. Not only was the space beautiful, the Sunset Beach Club staff were super accommodating and made sure we set up without a problem before leaving us to our party. Hopefully you caught a glimpse of the place through our Behind The Scenes Snapchat story (Follow us @electricsoulapp!), but if not, here's a fancy drone picture to show you just how amazing the venue was.


In addition to the kickass rooftop views, Fork Eat treated us to mouthwatering plates of grilled beef and shrimp cocktail, ensuring that our guests could party the entire night away. And for our friends who weren't in the mood to get shwasted (shocker, who are you), Hyaku saved the day with their cold pressed juices. For those of us who wanted to get their white-girl-wasted on, we had our homemade Jungle Juice prepared. For anyone wondering what our recipe was, here it is:

food picture

Aside from the food and beverages provided by our sponsors, Sunset Beach Club also had a small wading pool for people to dip their feet in to cool themselves off and cabanas to lie in when your feet got tired. These little extras were definitely well appreciated throughout the night.


With people already downing drinks and munching away at the food, our friend and DJ, Suki, kicked off the party with hit pop songs, getting everyone hyped for the night. By 6:30, the event was on full blast, with people taking shots out of the water guns and lining up for the photo booth with the cute floaties we provided. Following Suki was the main act, Signo Sound, who played some sick House remixes that got everyone on their feet. Comprised of the two Hong Kong based DJs, Aaron and Julian, Signo Sound has played at multiple venues around the city (Including Clockenflap!) and we're so happy to have been able to collab with them on this special night! Closing the act was DJ Big Baby Topher, spinning out some trap to get everyone moving before the night was over.


The only downfall to this lit party was the clean up. Picking up trash and deflating floaties while slightly (or super) drunk is a lot harder than you would think, but we're thankful for all those who stayed behind to help out. Big shout out to everyone who helped organize and set up everything, we truly hope that everyone had a blast, 'cause I know we sure did! Keep an eye out for our after-event movie and pictures that should be coming out later this week!


Can't wait for the next one!