Asia Music Fest

Ever wanted to go to a music festival that's outside of your home town? We sure have. You patiently wait for the line up to be released, fall in love with the promised wonderland of fun and finally persuade enough of your friends to agree to pay the price to go with you. Somewhere amongst the excitement, you realize you have a shit ton more to do than just be super stoked to go; you have to coordinate flights and accommodations for this 3 day trip with seven of your closest buddies. Doesn't sound too bad right? Until Bob says he doesn't want to share a bed with Dan, and Kayla would rather die than stay in a hostel. And don't forget, Stacy's on a budget this year so she wants the cheapest flight possible, but that would mean a 6 hour layover in the middle of nowhere. Oh and yeah, Dan completely forgot to get tickets on time, so uh, does anyone have a scalpers number? #Great. With so many dilemmas, you end up getting super frustrated and calling the entire thing off.


This is where Asia Music Fest comes in. Founded by Amy Mak and driven by her love for music and festivals, AMF strives to provide their customers with a quick n' easy ticketing system that can be customizable to the consumer. The sleek website features packages that can suit anyone and everyone's needs, whether you're a student travelling with a couple of friends or a married couple travelling to your next rave-cation away from the kids. With different accommodation types that can fit a range of budgets, there's bound to be a package that fits your friend groups' picky tastes. Six friends can all buy their tickets through the website with 2 staying at a hostel, another 2 in a cheap hotel and the last pair balling out in the luxury suite at the Mandarin Oriental. There's truly something for everyone! AMF has teams of people dedicated to ensuring a smooth ticketing process, contacting you ASAP once you purchase your packages.


AMF caters to festivals all over Asia, so be sure to hit up their website if you're looking for an easy and smooth way to coordinate your trip. Never FOMO again with AMF helping you get your shit together.

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Happy shopping everyone!