Disclosure 2016

The British electronic music duo, Disclosure, graced the stage of AsiaWorld-Expo this past weekend in Hong Kong. With multiple chart topping records, the brothers are well known to EDM lovers across the world, with Hong Kong being no exception. The event was close to capacity and had been hyped since the beginning of summer, so everyone had high hopes for the duo's set.


Via Global Dance Electronic

Tickets were priced around $600HKD for Tier 2 tickets and $900HKD for Tier 1 tickets (Well, take 5% off if you bought online via Asia Music Fest using our discount code ELECTRIC SOUL, hehe). The only difference between the two was that Tier 1 ticket holders were able to go to the very front. However, the stage is so large that it didn't really matter where you stood, you'd still be able to see everything. Unless of course, you were unlucky enough to be trapped behind a group of 6ft tall Disclosure fans like I was. However, because they were all standing tickets, it meant that you could shove your way out from behind these giants and subtly dance your way to the front (as I did).


Opening the show was Norde, an electronic pop artist hailing from Sweden. Best known for his song "Every Single Night", Norde has played at international festivals like Tomorrowland and is supported by famous artists such as Ellie Goulding and Tiesto. He warmed up the crowd with some chill beats before welcoming the second opening act up on stage.


Via Norde Music

Following suit was Hayden James, the "face of the new Australian production music scene". Gaining popularity from his 2013 EP, "Permission To Love", James is known for his sophisticated rhythms and melodies, giving the audience a completely different vibe compared to the catchy electronic pop style of Norde. Playing his signature house beats, Hayden James got the crowd moving and amped for the headliner act.


Via Hayden James Music

Disclosure finally came on at 10:45pm, with the crowd exploding in excitement as their minimalist face logo lit up on stage. For the next 1.5 hours, Disclosure played a good mix of their newer, more popular songs along with their older jams. Opening with "When A Fire Starts to Burn" and closing with "You & Me", they had us vibing with them all night long.


Disclosure's successful debut at AsiaWorld-Expo signifies the growth of the EDM scene in Asia, as this was the first big scale event that's of this genre (House) in Hong Kong. It's especially important to note that Disclosure was able to play at AsiaWorld-Expo, a stage usually reserved for huge concerts and mainstream artists, proving that there's a big enough EDM crowd in Asia to bring them both to Hong Kong and to such a large venue. It was definitely a bonus to have such a huge space for the event, as it allowed people to take a breather from the intense pushing near the front and was a plus for the hardcore dancers who wanted to whip their hair back n forth without disturbing other attendees. The only issue is that with so many people going to such a large event, it also spells disaster when the show is over; we saw people literally sprinting towards the cab line even before Disclosure said their Good-byes. Pro-Tip: Walk a little further to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel to avoid the crowded cab lines and call your own cab there. Overall, it was a great night and we can't wait for more artists to come to Hong Kong!

Hope everyone had a blast at the event!