What to Wear to Festivals

Let's be honest, a good 50% of why we all love festivals is because we get to wear kickass outfits and look fly af in pics. It's basically like Halloween, "the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it" (Mean Girls will forever be relatable). Except, the "night" can last up to three days and the costumes can range from barely-there crop tops to amazing costumes that people spend hours and hours on.

In this post, we'll be covering different things you can add onto an outfit to wear for a festival, but by no means are these rules. People wear everything and anything (and sometimes as you'll see, nothing) to rave, so just take these as suggestions/inspirations for you to take and add on to. ####1. Flag

This might be an odd suggestion, but a flag is highly versatile at a festival. You can tie it on your back like a flag, wave it around in the air, use it as a prop in pictures and if you're ballsy enough, you can even just use is as a replacement for your shirt (We all know Hong Kong is hot af).

Tomorrowland Check out the guy repping Canada at Tomorrowland Belgium 2016

2. Bandanas

The bandana trend has spread like wildfire (Too soon? @ GOT fans) ever since stars like Chiara Ferragni and Hailey Baldwin were spotted sporting the look at Coachella earlier this year. They make for great accessories, whether you wear it in your hair, on your neck or tie it around your waist, they're a cute addition to add onto a boho chic look. If you're not going for that particular vibe, bandanas also have the additional benefit of doubling as a mask against sand and dirt, a problem often present at outdoor festivals.


3. Flash Tattoos

Even if you have your own tattoos, these metallic copycats are perfect to jazz up any outfit you wear. If you're from Hong Kong, you can find cheap versions in Mong Kok or even look for them in TopShop. If not, you'll have to purchase them online at the original [Flash Tattoo](http://www.flashtat.com/) store and pay for shipping. They come in a bunch of different patterns n shapes, with many resembling jewellery once you put them on. They last really well (I had mine last for 2 weeks!) even under the heat, so there's no worry of a messed up tattoo halfway through the weekend.

Festival Look - Flash Tattoos from Electric Soul on Vimeo.

4. Hair Tattoos

Yes, these are a thing now. And yes, Kylie Jenner popularized them. They may seem ridiculous, but these hair versions of flash tattoos can really add the final touch to your outfit. They can be mixed into a braid, act as a fake headband or work like a beautiful clip. I mean, if not at a festival, where else could you rock this crazy (and) beautiful look? You can buy them online at Scunci, just in time for your Road to Ultra festivities ;)

KylieHere's Kylie rocking her hair tattoo casually chilling with her dogs at home

5. Other Hair Accessories

These can range from the basic-festival-girl flower crown to Halloween-must-have cat ears. Whatever you choose, it's sure to add a lil something extra to your look. Even if you're going with a simple ensemble, simply changing up your hair in a funky way (Khloe K. braids?) will take your outfit from everyday chic to festival ready!


6. Rave Glasses

There's a large assortment of glasses a raver can choose from nowadays to enhance their experience. Try out kaleidoscope sunnies to see the light show through a different lens (haha, you see what I did there) or don on some old school, Kanye Shutter Shades to add some color to your whole look. Ultimately, the best choice would be to grab a pair of Electric Soul sunglasses for the party ;)


7. Face Jewels

Sometimes makeup and even face paint just doesn't cut it; to get that ethereal-festival glow, glue on some fake jewels on your face and body to create intricate patterns. Nothing screams Coachella Goddess like a bejewelled outfit! Just try not to sweat them off while dancing.


8. Kandies

Not only will these accessorize your (entire) arm, Kandies are a great way to meet new people. This is especially true if you make amazing ones and plan "trade" meet-ups before festivals. They're perfect because you can make them in any color and style to suit your outfit. Add led lights, glow-in-the-dark beads and crazy perlers to make yours pop amongst the sea of bracelets!


9. Shuffle Shoes

By shuffle shoes, I mean shoes that you think are comfortable enough that you could, if you wanted to, shuffle for hours in. We personally recommend close toed shoes, just in case things get rowdy. If you have the money to blow, why not try one of these light up kicks that'll make your shuffle game 100xs better?


10. Light Weight & Thin Clothes

You're either going to be sweating under the sun's heat or suffocating in an overcrowded indoor stadium. Whatever poison you choose, you'll be uncomfortable and wet. So try to alleviate this problem by dressing properly; going somewhat topless for some festivals is acceptable but if you're in a more conservative area (i.e Hong Kong), you can keep cool by wearing a crop top, bikini top or bodysuit. Check out some of our fave places to shop for cute rave-wear!


As much as we make light of some of these "basic" things, we actually really encourage people to rock these items at festivals. When else would we wear shit like this? As long as you're wearing something that makes your confident and feel good, f*ck what others think! We're hoping to compile a bunch of photos of our favourite outfits at RT Ultra HK, so show up in your best costumes and fancy rave clothes. We can't wait to see!