Amsterdam Dance Event 2016

You may have noticed Electric Soul's semi-MIA status during the midst of October, but we have a reaaallllly good excuse for it; We were busy going to the annual Amsterdam Dance Event!

Every year, Amsterdam hosts a five day long conference and festival that attracts thousands of people from all around the world, bringing together artists, moguls in the industry and genuine music lovers together for a weeks time.

Most people go for the festival portion of ADE (I don't blame them, some of the world's most famous artists showcase their work during the event), but we were more interested in meeting and listening to some of the most accomplished of the music industry at the conferences. Going in early to catch the talks, we were able to learn so much from the wealth of experience and knowledge the speakers had. An especially riveting conference we went to was themed Dance and Brand, with the focus on creating content for mobile use. Fun Fact: 95% of people watch things on their phone with the sound off, so content should cater to this pattern of use. In addition to learning new info that can help expand our brand, we also had the pleasure of meeting some of the big name innovators who truly drive the world of music. Amongst them was the founder of Oasis Festival, an event held in Morocco in September, a member of Spotify's team who manages Europe's playlist and last but not least, Tommie Sunshine, the legendary producer/DJ/Remixer/songwriter (yeah, he does a lot of things) from Chicago.

With conferences ending at 6pm, we had plenty of time to go back and chill for a bit before heading out again. And boy did we enjoy chilling at home; Did we mention we stayed at an amazing boat house via Air BnB. Check out the pics to see for yourself!

With so many events going on at night, we really had to choose where we wanted to go carefully. One of the clubs we went to was Melkweg, hosted by Nicki Romero's Protocol records. The club was sectioned into two different rooms, the main one dedicated to the more mainstream headliners of the night and a second room made exclusive to more Indie and underground artists. As much as we enjoy listening to hits by some of world's most well-known artists, we found that we were constantly drawn to the smaller, second room that showcased more local, up and coming Netherland artists. Amongst them was Dumbers and Maximals, the newest duo to sign on with Nicki Romero's brand and have a track on Romero's upcoming release. Overall, the vibe at Melkweg was on the House side, wth Corey James being our personal favourite of the night.

For our second night out, we went to the legendary Jimmy Woo, a club known for its excellent music program. For that night, they were showcasing Don Diablo's label, Hexagon. With Diablo jumping up in DJ Mag's recent rankings and a highly popular radio show under his belt, we were stoked to see him live. The overall music was a more upbeat, happy and energetic spectrum of the House genre with artists like Madison Mars and King Arthur part of the lineup. Like Melkweg, the club was split into two sections, with the upstairs area acting as a lounge for people to escape the epic-ness happening downstairs. Why would anyone be escaping you ask? Well, the low ceiling of the "cellar" that is Jimmy Woo, is covered with 11,700 light bulbs that blink in sync to the head banging good beats on stage. It's somewhat suffocating though, considering the amount of commotion occurring all at once, but we couldn't be happier to be there to see Jauz and Oliveir Heldens spin. Surprisingly, table service was not exorbitantly expensive at the clubs; Unlike Hong Kong, a large and small bottle of Grey Goose for the table came to around 500 Euros in total.

Another notable event we attended was at The Box, a warehouse that concluded an all day event entitled "Voyer". With the large open space concept, we felt that this was definitely the closest we came to the true "festival-vibes" that we're accustomed to, although the lights lacked the usual flair and intricacies we'd hope for. Going early, we caught the opening act, Boiler, who was absolutely stellar at warming up the crowd for the main acts. What we actually found throughout this whole experience is the fact that ADE is not only about DJ Mag's awards show, but also about discovering under appreciated artist. We highly recommend future ADE-goers to try and show up early to events so that you can discover some new, smaller artists' beats that you just might fall in love with. Boiler was definitely one of our new faves but we were just as hyped when Tchami came out to close the show at the end of the night ;) Just a heads up for this club for anyone who plans to check it out; their security is waaay strict and you have to pay a one-time fee to use the bathroom (yea, we're not kidding).

What surprised us the most out of this trip was the people; even though Amsterdam is host to a multitude of dance events throughout the year, there is a lack of rave spirit. Unlike in the States where you would find vibrant colours left and right, arms stacked to the brim with Kandies and people rocking light up gloves and shoes, people in Amsterdam rave in a manner that's much more laid back than what we've seen in America. Just a head's up so you don't ever show up to an event decked out head to toe in neon ;) Similarly, we advise you to PLAN, PLAN, PLAN if you ever decide to go to ADE. It's a whirlwind experience and you're bound to miss some of your faves so it's a good decision to take some time out beforehand to map out your week. And like we said before, go to your events EARLY! All these less popular acts who are part of big-branded labels will come out and showcase their stuff, they're talented artists who represent the next up-and-coming, so don't miss the chance to discover them before your friends do (Bragging rights alone are worth it).

And last but not least, a special shout out to our product manager, Sean, for taking time out of his busy schedule to come on this trip with us!

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