Rewind's Halloween In The Wild 2016

"Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it."

Ok, we might not have dressed up as sexy versions of anything, BUT we did have a blast at Rewind HK's Halloween bunker party!

Yeah, really wasn't kidding about that "not dressing sexy" part...

With a ticket price of $300 HKD (early bird sold for 220HKD), we were excited for the promised three-stage rave at a secret location up in the mountains somewhere in the outskirts of Hong Kong. And that's exactly what we got ...sort of. Built for World War II, the bunker that Rewind used was situated on top of a mountain, smack in the middle of one of HK's fastest growing areas (Kennedy Town). We won't tell you the exact location of the party, as half the fun is waiting for Rewind to reveal the secret prior to every event they throw, but we assure you that the destination was detached enough from the rest of civilization to throw a killer rager.

Picture of Us

You really got the full outdoorsy experience when you make your way there, especially if you were impatient like us. Cabbing from Central, we took a 15 minute ride to the mountain, at which point you had to get off the comfortable, air-con car and wait for the minibus that takes you to the exact location. However, when we arrived, the line for the provided bus was about a mile long. Some of our friends waited, claiming that it took 1-2 hours for them to finally get on. We, on the other hand, didn't even try and wait. We went straight for the hike up.

picture of Mt.Davis

The walk wasn't TOO bad; a quick 20 minute walk...uphill...with the dark. I mean, you can make the call yourself next time; 1-2 hour wait versus 20 minutes of exercise to get you pumped for the party ;) You'll know that you've reached the bunker once you start seeing all the crazy fun costumes all the party goers were wearing. Unlike the usual LKF crowd, the people who went to the this event weren't shy to show off their vibrant wardrobes and DIY skills.

Picture of people in costume

The night featured five DJs hailing from international locations as well as locals who play around Hong Kong. One such artist was Guistadt, who actually co-founded Rewind HK back in 2015 after having lived in New York for 7 years spinning in the underground electronic music scene. Kouro, another DJ who has worked with Rewind before, brought out the techno for the night, mixing if with different styles to suit the audience. Other artists of the night included Jo.D, a female DJ who's known for her performances at Social Room and Oma, Wayne Young, a DJ who's music tastes originate from the Netherlands and last but not least, Andrew Thomas, an Ohio native who has appeared at every club that hosts underground music in Hong Kong. This is definitely an event for music lovers who want to discover new artists and genres or just anyone who's looking for something different from the usual LKF scene.

Picture of ES

With such an amazing line up, you definitely don't want to miss the fun of the night. So for those of you who have never been to an outdoor bunker party before, here's a few tips to make sure that you get an amazing night out of the event.

1. Bring your own alcohol

As this is an outdoor venue, there aren't any stalls that will offer up alcohol for attendees so be sure to bring enough for you and all your friends!

2. It's ok, they sell food

Your drunchies will be satisfied, there is no need to worry

3. But you might not want to overdo it because there aren't any bathrooms

This isn't Coachella with rows upon rows of port-a-potties! Pop a squat or hold it until you're home.

4. Consider wearing long pants

With the great outdoor comes all that mother nature has to offer, and one of those things are thigh high patches of grass that annoyingly poke you all night long.

5. On the same note, bring mosquito repellent

Those suckers don't care whether you're having a good night or not, they just want a meal out of you.

6. Don't get too smashed

Remember how we hiked up all those stairs to reach the event? (Lil Reminder: Uphill, stairs, pitch black) Now imagine doing that shit faced. #staysafe

Picture of ES

Hope everyone had an amazing Halloween!