Electric Soul's 2.0 Version Launch

Electric Soul is super excited to announce that our app has received a HUGE transformation and that this 2.0 version is now available for download on IOS and Android!


We've come a long way since the beginning of our journey; inspired by her experiences at music festivals, Christina, founder of E.S, made it her goal to create a fun and safe platform where music lovers could come together to share their love for all things PLUR related. Starting small, she created her own mock up designs, logos and the like, working with other artistic talents around Hong Kong to bring the dream to life. Venturing as far as New York for design and coding help, a good year or so went by before a prototype was ready.Though the first prototype did "fail", it provided a base to jumpstart the app you see today.


Christina has always been a very sentimental individual, an integral part of her personality that played a large role in the motivation behind the creation of Electric Soul. After every festival, there was a small part of her that would feel a little upset. Every time you go to a festival, you get to meet such amazing people, people who you become super close to for such a short amount of time. Perhaps you're from different cities, or worse, different countries. After the 3 or 4 days of intense bonding, it's sad to see these festie-besties go. Sure you can add them on Facebook, but it's kind of hard to strike up conversation with someone that you had such a close bond with for such a short amount of time, for something so specific such as a festival going. Like, what, do you just hit them up like "Heyyyy, been a while since EDC...Whats up?". A lil' awkward don't you think?. Electric Soul is here to provide a platform where you can casually catch up with festie-besties you've made over the years, with EDM and raving as an overarching umbrella that brings people together. That way, you can keep in touch with newfound friends, even if they're miles and miles away. Similarly, you can also plan new rave experiences by checking out what festivals you both want to go to in the future. It's a way to connect without having to deal with the awkwardness, or the annoyingness of different communication platforms (FB msg? Whatsapp? WeChat? Imsg?). Now that the first version of the app has garnered attention and favor amongst the sphere of EDM lovers, Electric Soul is ready to kick up another notch by introducing more features that further realizes our company's goals.


Here are the key new features in the 2.0 version of Electric Soul

1. We have a SEARCH BAR now!

Look up events, festivals and even users with this function. You can now officially stalk all your festie besties without scrolling through your entire friends list!

2. You can PLUR with new friends :D

Introducing the "PLUR" function, a button that will only light up if the person you're following also follows you.

3. We have a toolbar at the bottom!

For quick and easy, intuitive use of the app. Look at all our cute icons!

4. You can now COMMENT!

Tag your friends in events, pictures and more. Just remember to play nice in the comments section guys ;)

And obviously we've kept our old functions as well; You can still RSVP, upload pics and share events to your other social media pages :)

Psst heads up for the future of ES! We're planning on adding a brownie points system, where users can gain game points by going to more events, PLUR-ing with more people, uploading more photos and more! The points can then be exchanged for cool prizes like insta features, E.S swag, or even tickets to festivals!

We're so excited to see what you think of our newest update!