How Hard Should You Go? Your Guide To Festivals

So you're looking for a festival to go to, but you're not entirely sure which one to pick; you scroll through the seemingly endless list of festival names, read all the descriptions, examine every review and look at all the top-liked Instagram tagged pics. But the real question is...can you handle it?

Any and all festivals take a toll on the human body - long days on your feet, brutal weather, lack of a bathroom - but EDM ones tend to escalate things even further in terms of testing your ability to make it through. You know you might have to rough it up for a few days, but you still want to make sure you have fun right? So we're here to suggest some of our fave festies according to your experience with festival-going.

#1 Newbies

So you're a rave virgin and you're just looking to test it out, maybe get a few instas and a new profile pic out of it. Minimal planning, research and thinking with maximum amount of fun.

Here are the ones we suggest:


Ah, a celebrity favourite! With a prime location in California, you can easily choose one of the three weekends to go. Coachella offers hotel-travel packages so you won't have to deal with the hassle of planning the entire trip yourself! Their website contains all the info you will ever need to get yourself prepped and ready to go, all you have to do is make sure your wardrobe is on point for the weekend ;) This is definitely a great one to start off your festival-going journey!

Via Festival Sherpa


Known as one of the OG EDM festivals out there, Ultra Miami is an experience we highly recommend to all the casual ravers out there. Taking place in March every year, the location offers good, sunny weather that won't hamper your fun. Much like Coachella, you'll get a good handful of the largest EDM artists playing but you can also enjoy the selection of lesser known artists as well. They may not have pre-made travel packages on offer, but Ultra works with multiple airlines and hotels that gives you discounts and offers for your weekend stay.

Via Ultra Miami

#2 Experienced

So you've been to a few raves, you understand the intense planning needed to get you and your friends to your destination. You're down for a new challenge, so maybe it's time to spread your wings and plan for a trip a little further away from home?


Hailed as the Disneyland equivalent of an EDM festival, Tomorrowland held in Belgium can make all your raver dreams come true. With a new theme every year, custom decorations and even their own form of currency, it's an adventure that's sure to be magical. While travelling and planning the trip may be a hassle, Tomorrowland offers a wide range of accommodation packages to fit all types of budgets for people coming from around the world. They even have flights dedicated to the festival, with a DJ on deck and costumed flight attendants! The extensive planning will all be worth it when you and your friends arrive in the beautiful town of Boom and get to explore the area all while enjoying the amazing festival.

Awakening Festival

Taking place in Amsterdam, this two-day festival is sure to give you enough techno music you crave. There's no camping option available with this one, but you can easily find hotel deals on Awakening's site. Along with aid in transportation options, most of the planning will have to come from your end.

Via We Rave You

#3 Veteran

You've been to multiple festivals, some close to home, some far away. You have your planning skills trained to a T and you're pretty confident with being able to survive whatever comes your way when you're raving abroad.

Burning Man

Kick it up a notch with Burning Man and help build the city in Black Rock desert in Nevada. You know this festival isn't for the feint of heart when you're planning everything from your water supply to reading survival guides online. Only consider this one if you're truly down to hustle. Seriously though, you can't even buy anything there with your own money. Everything is based on the old fashioned ways of bartering and trading. What you'll get in return though, is definitely worthwhile (We got hot chocolate given to us at 4am in the morning #yas). Not only will you have to do ALL the planning, you have to make sure everything you bring and do is sustainable and good for the environment. It's safe to say that once you've done this festival, there's really not much else that will pose a challenge.

Via Rolling Stone

Whichever festival you end up choosing, we're sure you're going to have a blast!