Goodies Galore

If you've ever seen us in person at a local event around Hong Kong, you'll know that we always have some kickass Electric Soul swag on hand to give out. From our signature red and white, lightning bolt E.S sunnies to our ultimate sweat-wicking E.S towels, we strive to create and share only the absolute best products with our rave family. Now you may be wondering...why?

At Electric Soul, not only are we dedicated to providing a platform for music lovers to unite, we also make it our goal to have meaningful interactions with all the users we're lucky enough to meet IRL. Driven by the fact that the app was inspired by our CEO's desire for lasting friendships with those we meet at festivals, it's easy to see why one on one, in-person relationships are so important to us. We love meeting E.S users and really getting to know them as an individual. However, opportunities for such meetings are small, especially with our international user base. That's why we've created such amazing Electric Soul swag; It's our way of showing our love and appreciation to all the plur angels we get to meet. Think of it as a souvenir from Electric Soul, something to remember us by ;) We have stickers, tattoos, wristbands, kandies, photo booths and more to choose from!

So the next time you see our Electric Soul flag at an event, stop by and say hi! We all obviously have great taste in music if we're at the same event (meaning instant friendship, duh) and we promise we don't bite, so don't be shy :) Come chat, take pics, bond and of course, grab an Electric Soul goodie before you head out!

Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on where the next E.S booth will be! We're live in multiple cities around the world, so who knows where you might bump into us ;) If we do meet, don't forget to tag us in your pics (@electricsoulapp) so we get to see you rock our gear too!