Ultra Music Festival Through The Years

Hardcore fans would claim that Ultra Music Festival is one of the original EDM festivals in the world, having been held in Miami for almost 20 years now. With each year outdoing the last, it's difficult to remember how the Ultra name and tradition started it's journey as a small 11 hour rave on the beach in 1999.

Old Ultra Pic

Via 6AM

March 1999 saw Ultra's first year in business, with around 7000 festival goers attending. For the price of $30 attendees raved the day away to performances by more than 50 artists. The South Beach event was a huge success, encouraging the organizers to try it out a second time the next year with a similar outcome. With two consecutive years of profitable results, Ultra was determined to grow with this momentum and moved the festival to Bayfront Park in downtown Miami the third year to accommodate for the growing number of attendees.

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The early 2000s saw a rise in public concern regarding the rampant drug use occurring at the trending festival, with a good chunk of attendees being under the age of 18. Ultra doubled up their efforts to keep the festival fun AND safe for all while continuing to push out dope events year after year with the most sought-after artists performing. By 2007, Ultra had proven itself as a festival to stay for good, expanding to a two day affair for their 8th festival and implementing Ultra Worldwide in 2008.

2007 Ultra Pic

Fast forward to 2011, with Ultra hitting attendance levels over 100,000 for the first time. To supplement the organic growth of the festival came the increased use of social media; UMF went viral through their live streaming features, snapchats, youtube videos and more, leading up to a historic expansion of the UMF event to a two weekend version in 2013. With 6 jam-packed days of partying, Ultra was able to draw in more attendees with even longer line ups and reputable artists.

In accordance to their popularity and past expansions, it made sense for the UMF brand to continue to delve deeper into the untapped, overseas EDM market with Road To Ultra's debut arriving in 2012. With the first event landing in Seoul, Korea, the RTU brand has only continued to expand. It now includes Thailand, Columbia, Macau, Japan, Taiwan, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, the Philippines, Singapore, Chile, Hong Kong, India and Australia.

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We can't wait for Road To Ultra to return to Hong Kong this September and hope you're ready to have a blast with us too!