What To Expect At Road to Ultra 2017

With Road to Ultra's debut in Hong Kong last year, everyone's excited to see what 2017's version will bring along. While stage designs and specifics are kept under wraps, for obvious wow-factor reasons, there are a few things we can expect to see in this year's return of RTU HK.

#1 More Space

The day long event will still be held at the beautiful Nursery Park in Kowloon Bay, but the space will now feature a much larger main stage and an overall better layout.


#2 Faster Service

Learning from last year, RTU is now providing over 50 counter services at the event. This will help with cutting down waiting times associated with the larger crowds expected this year, leaving you with more time to enjoy the festival itself!

#3 Electric Soul Booth

Not only is Ultra bringing new features to the festival, but we're also amping up our booth from what you saw last year! As Road to Ultra's official media partner, we're excited to offer the following to festival attendees;

*Those who have downloaded Electric Soul and RSVPed to the event

ES Booth

See you all under the "U" on September 16th! <3