Get Hyped for Creamfields Hong Kong!

Creamfields festival originates from a club in the United Kingdom called Cream, which is based at the Nation nightclub in Liverpool. The venue owners thought it would be a great idea to hold an event in Winchester, UK, branching off from their standard club operations. The year was 1998, 25,000 people attended the festival to see the likes of Run DMC and DaftPunk perform. Then, in 1999, the attendance doubled as the festival grew in size and relocated to Liverpool. The following year saw even more traction and popularity, eventually being named Event of the Year and moving into international areas such as Dublin.

Via Festival Sherpa

Creamfields festival played a critical role in expanding the rave scene in not just England, but the entire world. Soon thereafter, the festival was in South America and Eastern Europe as well. The festival’s popularity spread like wildfire.

In it’s 8th year, they moved to a larger venue to accommodate the demand for tickets and finally became a two-day festival on it’s 10 year anniversary. In 2009 the festival was named Tourist Event of the Year in the UK and reached over 60,000 people. At the turn of the decade, Creamfields extended all the way to Australia and New Zealand.

The festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary in England this year, and is expanding into Asia - a clear indication of the growing presence of an EDM scene here! With Hong Kong's event planned for December and expectations set high, we welcome them with open arms and excitement rushing through our veins. It also helps that Marshmello and Galantis are headlining the 2 day festival, making it all the more special ;)

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