What EDM Sounded Like 10 Years Ago

If you're curious about the 2000s EDM scene, we've prepared a list of the top DJs and tracks that will send you on a nostalgic journey so lets hit rewind!

EDM has soared in popularity over the past decade and its style has changed noticeably as well. If you're curious about the 2000s EDM scene, we've prepared a list of the top DJs and trending tracks that will send you on a nostalgic journey so let's hit rewind!

In And Out Of Love

Armin van Buuren ft. Sharon den Adel

Genre: Trance
Released: 2008

The tranquil vocals and the soft electronic beats complement each other to produce a very chill vibe that dominated the EDM scene with trance songs during the 2000s.

Sirens Of The Sea

Above & Beyond

Genre: Trance / Progressive House
Released: 2008

The trend of having soprano female soloists continues in with Above & Beyond's euphoric track. The drawn-out electronic tones playing in the background complete this wonderfully mellow song.

Made Of Love

Ferry Corsten ft. Betsie Larkin

Genre: Trance / Electronic
Released: 2008

Like many EDM songs back in the 2000s, "Made of Love" has a strong pumping baseline laced with drawn-out trance vocals.

In The Dark

Tiƫsto ft. Christian Burns

Genre: Electronic
Released: 2007

This song offers a more complex texture with more layers of electronic beats playing over each other. Its more upbeat vibe diverges from the traditional trance genre that was highly popular back in the 2000s EDM scene and leans towards the electro house genre.


Paul van Dyk ft. Lo-Fi Sugar

Genre: Electropop / Trance
Released: 2007

With a hint of funk in Paul van Dyk's song, this futuristic sounding track carries its own unique style that is worth listening to.


Eric Prydz

Genre: House
Released: 2008

How often do you hear a keyboard-based house track nowadays? Pjanoo has a repetitive yet catchy beat which rocked the clubs of Stockholm before blowing up in the UK as well.

I Remember

deadmau5 ft. Kaskade

Genre: Deep House / Trance
Released: 2008

An ambient collaborative song between deadmau5 and Kaskade's soothing female vocals. With a touch of trance, this track is very relaxing to listen to.

Becoming Insane

Infected Mushroom

Genre: Techno Rock
Released: 2007

A sub-mainstream genre of EDM back in the 2000s was techno rock. "Becoming Insane" merges two very different categories of music with its raucous vocals, electric guitar, furiously pumping base, electro samples and synths.

Cause You Know

Markus Schulz ft. Departure

Genre: Progression House / Trance
Released: 2007

This track stands out immediately as it features male vocals but is nonetheless tranquil to fit in with the trance atmosphere given off. Whilst EDM songs nowadays often place a large emphasis on the vocals, "Cause You Know" stresses more upon the instrumental aspect and the vocals can only be heard in small sections of the song.


David Guetta ft. Tara McDonald

Genre: Dance / Electronic
Released: 2008

David Guetta was a major game changer within the EDM industry. Songs like "Delirious" offered a slow transition from the traditional trance genre to music filled with life and energy. In this song, you can hear a more obvious buildup followed by a drop which was uncommon for electronic music back then.

It's amazing to see how significantly the EDM scene has evolved since then. It has gradually shifted away from the tranquillity of the trance genre to becoming more commonly associated with frequent drops and blasting energy.