Sometimes we need to give our ears a break from the bass, synth, and beats (we said sometimes!). But don’t put those headphones away quite yet. We still want you to live and breathe electronic music. Get to know your favorite artists and producers, learn about the ins and outs of the industry, or expand your iTunes library by learning about new artists making big (sound) waves.

Music is good for the soul and so is knowledge. Educate yourself by pressing play on these five podcasts that dive deep into the world of electronic music.

TIGA Presents: Last Party on Earth

A relatively new podcast with only a few episodes released, this series gives you the insider info you want from all your favorite names in the industry without asking those cookie-cutter questions. Tiga, Canadian DJ, producer, and wearer of many hats, has only one simple (pfft!) question for his guests: “It’s your last set ever: what do you play?”.

A loaded question, guests, who have included Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Carl Cox, Gerd Janson, and Kölsch, are invited to discuss what that party would be like, look like, sound like, and feel like. This question has been carefully crafted to reveal the personalities, anxieties, preferences, rituals, and influences of each guest without actually having to ask them. You learn about the parties that have shaped, moved, and changed them. Casual and conversational Tiga gives you a glimpse into the lives of his friends and fellow electronic music heavy-hitters in TIGA Presents: Last Party on Earth.

Sound + Process or ‘lines’ is a forum board community of artists who create sounds using grid instruments, Eurorack modules, and monome instruments. Sound + Process was created to further the discussions that are held on this forum.

Full of silky metaphors and lyrical vernacular, the podcast is meant to inspire creators by providing insight from fellow artists. The production is ethereal and almost meditative. With few prompts from the host, the episodes take on a narrative form, the artists speaking uninterrupted about their creative process, struggles, and inner-most thoughts.

The podcast exposes you to new artists, industry experts, and creatives that are all just out there trying to create and express themselves through the genre they have fallen in love with.

Song Exploder

With over 160 episodes, spanning multiple genres, Song Exploder is so good that it is worth weeding through the archives and finding the episodes featuring your favorite artists.

Song Exploder asks the musicians to dissect their songs and explain, in detail, how they created it. Hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway, the podcast really relies on the musicians to dig deep. The show provides a perspective you won’t get anywhere else- no interviews or magazine articles uncover this much. Free of prompts from the host (he edits this part out), the artists simply tell their story.

After the artists reveal their creative process, the song is played in its entirety. It’s impossible to hear the song as you did before the unveiling. The episodes are short, sweet, and beautifully produced.

Song Exploder has received plenty of acclaim, winning Best of iTunes in 2015, was named Best Podcast of 2015 by Quartz, and awarded Best Music Podcast, 2016 and 2017 by Academy of Podcasters.

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EDM Producer Podcast

EDM Producer Podcast is a podcast for artists or those who dream of becoming one. Hosts Steve and Ryan talk to notable producers and names in the electronic music industry and get them to spill their industry secrets. You’ll find out what they are working on in the studio, how their career unfolded, and who, what and how they got to where they are now.

For the last five years, EDM Producer Podcast has been shedding light on to what it takes to become a successful producer. Learn from the greats. Find out the software they prefer, the equipment they can’t live without, and how they achieved that sound you’ve always wondered about. The podcast was designed to help listeners become better producers and give them the tools to get their music out there and heard.

On Rotation

Harrison and Valerie, airing from Brooklyn and LA, respectively, discuss hot topics in the industry, breaking news, and the conversations regarding all things electronic music. Essentially an audio version of the holy grail of electronic music news, MixMag, it’s easy to listen to, super informative, and a quick way to download all your industry info without having to navigate through the site.

On Rotation features interviews with big names like Peggy Gou, Black Coffee, Pete Tong, and other industry tastemakers. They talk about important issues affecting the community including the fentanyl epidemic, environmental impact, and the intertwinement of LGBTQ community and dance music.

Have an insatiable thirst for electronic music knowledge? These films and documentaries are entertaining, informative, and full of good tunes.