Got plans this weekend? ABRACADABRA TV is throwing a live-streamed, virtual electronic music festival this Friday, June 19th through Sunday, June 21st on Twitch with a lineup that will knock your socks off. 

ABRACADABRA is the musical and magical lovechild of Vivie-Ann Bakos (more so known as BLOND:ISH) and Liliana Hilison. This weekend’s virtual festival will be three days of music, magic, self-love, and sustainability in support of the Bye Bye Plastic Foundation

Bye Bye Plastic is a badass foundation working towards making the music industry a whole lot greener. Dedicated to abolishing the use of single-use plastics at festivals, on tours, and at clubs and events, Bye Bye Plastic has created the Eco-Rider, encouraging artists and DJs to adopt it and eliminate their use of single-use plastic when creating and performing. Headed by BLOND:ISH, she is asking other artists to join her and use their influential voices to educate, inspire, and advise the music industry and community. 

This weekend, June 19th to 21st, ABRA TV is going live on Twitch to inspire and entertain the masses. On Friday, starting at 3pm EST, tune in to catch chats on sustainability and magic mushrooms, a virtual sound meditation, and a live set from Nahko followed by an evening of non-stop jams. Saturday, catch a cosmic weather show before soaking up the sounds of BLOND:ISH and Diplo. On Sunday, a little kundalini and Psychedelic Breath®(work) will get you geared up for Samba for Ravers and so many more great acts. 

If you had any plans for the weekend, now is the time to cancel them. There is no better way to welcome the summer than kicking it for a good cause.  

To sweeten the already sweet deal, BLOND:ISH and ABRACADABRA are gifting 1 Bitcoin to one lucky winner (a prize valued at $9.2k)! To enter, hit up their Instagram and comment or head to their site and RSVP to enter. 

We can’t think of a better way to spend the first weekend of summer. ABRACADABRA TV is bringing a little music, yoga, roundtable chats with pioneers of sustainability in the music biz, neurological reprogramming sessions, mentalists, and illusionists to a virtual space for a jam-packed 3-day festival. 

Tune in to Twitch this Friday and we’ll see you on the virtual dancefloor! 

Digging the idea of music festivals for a good cause? Shi Fu Miz is teaming up with Bye Bye Plastic for the 6th edition of their festival this October. Learn all about the Hong Kong music festival here!