Currently ranked as one of the 100 most listened musical artists on Spotify (over 18 million monthly listeners), the British-Norwegian EDM producer Alan Walker released his first LP – “Different World” – in December 2018. You might have heard his irresistible dance floor anthems, such as “Faded” (composed at a mere 18), “Alone” and “All Falls Down”. Inspired by illustrious producers such as K-391 and Ahrix, and by the grandeur of the OST legend Hans Zimmer, Alan Walker played at world-class festivals, including Coachella and Lollapalooza, in addition to main stage performances at Tomorrowland and Ultra Miami.

Alan Walker, as a judge in the Chinese EDM show, “Rave Now”, is determined to discover and coach the most promising producers throughout the competition. alongside with Lay Zhang (member of EXO), Laure Shang (electronic pop starlet), and Wowkie Zhang (Chinese actor & singe. The program is produced by the Chinese streaming conglomerate Tencent Penguin Pictures and Star Media Entertainment.

Alan Walker felt the huge potential of the EDM scene, currently seducing the whole music industry in China. Emerging talents will soon be taking over local festivals and reaching international horizon in the next few years. Indeed, electronic music is gaining interest on platforms such as social media, radio stations, live events, and TV programs like “The Remix”. The scene is full of amazing talents such as Chace, Tsunano, as well as two producers named by DJ MAG in their 2018 Top-100 list: Carta (#73) and DJ L (#84). 

Rave Now” showcases a whole new generation of electronic music talents coming from various countries (70 teams overall from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau, Canada and Singapore). It already had its big revelation with Jasmine Sokko, Singapore’s rising singer-producer who won over the judges with her futuristic style and the track “#0000FF”. Her song even stood among the 25 top videos on Weibo on the month of its release. This way, “Rave Now” set Chinese social media on fire.

Check one of her amazing live performance here:

The winner will have the honour of performing at Tomorrowland 2019. One first step before spreading its tunes to new festivals and crowds, such as in America and Europe. There, young Asian producers will find millions of new ears to conquer, constantly waiting for new phenomenons.

There’s no doubt Alan Walker might be the perfect artist to turn this trend into a revolution. This might be the start of something big for the music world as a whole.

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