Environmental consciousness and sustainability have long been linked to electronic music. It only makes sense that people with good taste in music would also have stand-up values. This could not be truer for trance producer, DJ, and radio host, Armin van Buuren, who was recently appointed a Global Oceans Ambassador by the World Wide Fund for Nature

Van Buuren’s philanthropy is nothing new. In 2010, he worked 3FM’s Serious Request and its DJs to raise money to help children affected by AIDS. In the wake of the stampede that killed 21 people at Germany’s Love Parade in 2010, Armin banded together with fellow electronic heavyweights, Paul Oakenfold and Paul van Dyk to record “Remember Love”, dropped on Beatport under the collective name DJ’s United. All proceeds were donated to the Association of Non-statutory Welfare in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, who provided financial aid to the victims, their families, and those in need of medical or psychological support following the tragedy. 

His radio show “A State of Trance” has collaborated with MBRC The Ocean to create a recycled bracelet that supports the Plastic Soup Foundation and its fight for cleaner oceans and Muziekids, who provide musical experiences for children and families affected by cancer. In 2018, van Buuren participated in the Top 100 DJs charity auction, donating signed memorabilia, tickets, and meet and greet opportunities in aid of UNICEF. In between tours, he spends his time off visiting WWF projects in Bali, experiencing how the plastic pollution epidemic is affecting animals and the ecosystem first hand. 

So, it really comes as no surprise to hear that Armin has joined forces with WWF and millions of people worldwide fighting to stop the dumping of plastic in oceans. Working specifically on the #BeatPlastic campaign, he hopes to inspire and mobilize his millions of fans to stop plastic pollution and sign the WWF petition that calls on world leaders to draft a UN treaty that will outline concrete plans to stop plastic pollution.  

Van Buuren has already set the standard by ensuring all State of Trance events are plastic-smart. As a father and DJ, he wants his children and fans to be able to experience the beauty of the world for years to come. 

If you want to join Armin van Buuren and the fight to stop plastic pollution of our oceans, begin your journey by signing the petition. From refusing to purchase plastic water bottles to always remembering to bring your reusable grocery bag to the shop, every little effort counts in the mission to #BeatPlastic. 

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