You’ve gotten into the school of your choice (or second choice 😉) and you’re about to be out and about on your own for the first time in your life. The first thought that comes to our mind when we think about freshman year is “party time!”. And what a time to be a freshman with so many schools landing huge acts to ring in the new school year.

In order to get in the know when it comes to parties and events happening on and around campus, most people look to Facebook. Events and groups pop up coaxing you to attend this, buy tickets to that.

A little known fact which is (thankfully) having more light shed on it, is that lots of those groups and events you hit ‘attending’ on, are fake; scams created by malicious trolls of the internet conning unassuming freshman out of money. But not only do these students lose money, they also miss out on the actual events, these once in a lifetime experiences and concerts they’ve been looking so forward to.

How to NOT get taken advantage of

man putting ticket to event in pocket

First and foremost, never join a Facebook group that doesn’t have the words “Official” in the name. Anyone can make a group and post upcoming events. This may sound like a no brainer, but once inundated with new Facebook friends and countless new groups to choose from, it can be easy to get lost amid the chaos. Do a double-check to ensure that this group or event is actually affiliated with your school.

Many genuine promoters will also make unofficial events or groups. Although these promoted events are real, it is likely you will be sold tickets at an inflated price. It’s best to avoid this and stick to the official, school-affiliated groups.

To ensure a group or event’s legitimacy, look through the moderators. A sure-fire way to tell if a group is a scam is by checking the list of moderators and admins. Fake groups will often be run by phony profiles with stolen pictures. Do a little recon if you are joining an unofficial group. But the smartest way to stay safe is to make sure that the university or student union is an admin.

Only make purchases through legitimate ticket purchasing platforms. No official events will require you to make a personal e-transfer or insist you hand over any personal information without a secure platform.

These scammers are pretty savvy. Tickets they sell and events they promote may seem completely legitimate. They may even be selling tickets to a real event but the tickets are photocopies or fabrications. Always double check venues, times, and dates.

So what parties should you attend?

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With the countless options, the safest way to ensure you are headed towards a good time is by attending events coordinated by your school and/or the student union. Always purchase tickets through a legitimate ticketing platform. Avoid people reselling their pre-purchased tickets.

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