Our Interview with Sammy Dee, Upcoming Guest DJ of Hypnotic

Our Interview with Sammy Dee, Upcoming Guest DJ of Hypnotic

2018 has officially come to an end and for those die-hard electronic and house music lovers in Hong Kong, the next question is probably be: What are we expecting in 2019?

Electric Soul is excited to talk to Sammy Dee, the upcoming featured DJ of Hypnotic, a Hong Kong-based House, Deep House, and Techno Music Curator, to review his past year’s music production and aspiration to the coming of 2019. Alongside with Sammy, founder of Hypnotic Ocean Lam and friend Marco Yu will also be lining up for the night. Buy the tickets now and catch his set in Social Room on January 11!


After running in the international house music circus for more than 2 decades, Mario Radecki aka Sammy Dee has earned wide recognition as an innovator of non-mainstream electronic music, that isn’t tailored for the mass population but simply an artistic expression without commercial purpose.


Q: With 2018 slowly coming to an end, what were your musical highlights this exciting year?

A: That included Epizode II on Phu Quoc Island, Sunwaves Festival 23 in Romania, Un_mute in Club Space (Miami), Half Hawaii Live in Resolute (New York City), Get Perlonized in Contact (Tokyo), as well as Subsonic Music Festival in Monkerai (Australia). I’m quite looking forward to the coming of 2019.

Q: With the founding of Ultrastretch back in 2010 and your third appearance in the upcoming Epizode Festival in Vietnam, what were the most important moments in the evolution of your music production throughout the years?

A: Well, Ultrastretch is and will be more of a platform for other artists than for myself, but still it is a very important chapter of my music production evolution. I’m glad and thankful to be at Epizode again this year and look forward to seeing friends from all over the world.



As a former Resident DJ of the world Berlin House music headquarters in Tresor and Ostgut in Berlin, Sammy Dee has already been notorious for a passionate expression of systemic, personality-changing mixing skills back in the 90s, the vinyl fanatic enjoys creating music that connects and inspire the die-hard fan of electronic music.

Q: What projects are you working on now? What can we expect from you in 2019?

A: I have just started a new project called VEEN, and currently working on several other remixes expecting in 2019.

Q: Who do you listen to these days on your days off? Any artists you would recommend to our readers?

A: I listen to Ennio Morricone since he is coming to Berlin on January 21 for his Farewell Tour. I also enjoy listening to Bohren & der Club of Gore, Auburn Lull & Terje Isungset recently!



Can’t wait for the hype? 10-days long festival Epizode is returning to Phu Quoc Island of Vietnam for the third edition of the international techno music festival from December 28, 2018 to January 8, 2019, with a series of international and regional lineup, as well as inspirational soul-touching program, such as movie nights, open deck session, yoga and creative workshops, Happy Holi and more. Limited Advance Tickets for Epizode are on sales now.

Our Interview with TYOMA, General Producer of Epizode

Our Interview with TYOMA, General Producer of Epizode

Countdown to Epizode Festival in 4 weeks! Electric Soul had a chance to talk to the General Producer of Epizode, Tyoma, and discuss on his role, vision, and aspiration to the upcoming techno festival in Vietnam. Can’t wait for it? You may want to check out their Warm Up Party in Social Room this weekend for a little preview!

TYOMA is the new incarnation of experienced electronic artist and producer Artem Kharchenko, also known for his previous creative endeavors as R-Tem and as part of Kooqla. In 2005, Artem became one of the first dance producers from Russia to receive widespread international recognition and acclaim. Being a perfectionist, he prepares each DJ-set with great care. TYOMA prefers to play vinyl and has a big collection of records, so each of his set is a new musical journey. TYOMA’s musical variety is almost unlimited – he can easily mix atmospheric ambient and old school drum & bass, even though his favorites are techno and house music.


Q1. As the General Producer of Epizode, what do you contribute to the festival?

A: I believe that the most important contribution to the Epizode, is leading the project team. All ideas materialize from there: from the festival season title, lineup, art objects, and so on – everything begins primarily with the discussion in the team, and then it gets realized.

Q2. How did Epizode get its name?

A: Honestly, I can’t recall how that word came into my mind ? But it was guided by a thought, that the title should be transferred from year to year, and that it should inspire people to play. That’s why, the crowd that’s coming to the festival – are not visitors but actors, and the lineup is a soundtrack. This is much more fun – and Epizode sounds perfect. ?


The main goal of the festival is to create a completely new format of the music festival in the Southeast Asia region, through the form of contemporary art and music. Epizode becomes a one-of-a-kind opportunity for locals and international travelers of the region who are searching for exotics, to participate in the establishment of a modern culture.

Q3. Where do you draw inspiration from?

A: From various things in everyday life. From people, events, visual images – everything that is around – it all brings the daily inspiration. But most importantly – from the energy that you get while working at Epizode, and live every day in a few time zones.

Q4. What was it like putting together the first Epizode Festival 3 years ago?

A: Although the team organized many festivals – Epizode was a massive challenge; new country, an unfamiliar island. It was an experiment – and it was successful. Now, looking at how the number of international attendees exploded in three years – we remember the first Epizode with a smile. ?

Q5. What were some of the early challenges after organizing the past 2 editions?

A: It is difficult to isolate particular challenges. There are millions of small and bigger issues every day. The most important is the ability of our team to quickly and efficiently deal with it, and to carry out a complex project as Epizode is. Overall, Epizode itself is a challenge, as we are creating something that is not common in Asia and therefore not easy to promote. But we are happy to be having amazing local partners, in Asia and worldwide, and we are building this project with their support. We hope to grow together – and we see this process as a two-way street: Epizode grows at the same time as the scene grows – and vice versa.


The 10-days long festival EPIZODE is returning to Phu Quoc Island of Vietnam for the third edition of the international techno music festival from December 28, 2018 to January 8, 2019, with a series of international and regional lineup, as well as inspirational soul-touching program, such as movie nights, open deck session, yoga and creative workshops, Happy Holi and more.

Q6. What are some of the artistic highlights at Epizode this year?

A: I would mark each name in the lineup of 132 artists! In my schedule, I want to be an actor during performances of Agents of time (Live), Craig Richards, Dan Andrei, GOLDIE, Mr. G, Praslesh, Nina Kraviz, Seth Troxler, Young Marco. But this is just my program. I’m sure everyone will make their own unique soundtrack this year.

Q7. If you can give 1 piece of advice to a first-time attendee, what would it be?

A: Try to accept that you will not be able to listen to all the artists. It is simply impossible ? After realizing this fact – just enjoy what is happening at the Epizode beach, and as I said above – write your own script for Epizode 3, filling it with music, characters, and colors.


Big thanks to TYOMA for his precious time and share his thoughts with us! If you haven’t got the tickets to Epizode, you might want to read our previous article “? 8 Reasons why Epizode should be your New Year Destination ??” to be convinced! 

Limited Advance Tickets for EPIZODE are on sales now. Catch the festival Warm Up Party this weekend in Social Room with techno DJ Denis Kaznacheev and Social Room Resident DJ Ocean Lam.

Watch the Official Trailer of Epizode now:

Wake me up for Epizode³

Dreams – it is immersion in the unknown, transition to a new state, the weightlessness. You take off the ground but you do not lose the gravity.When you wake up in a place that you have been dreaming of for so long, you feel no weight, but only energy.EPIZODE – dream on.Music: Marsbeing – Demolition

Posted by Epizode on Monday, November 26, 2018


ALTN8: Closure to the November Trilogy

ALTN8: Closure to the November Trilogy

November is the busiest months for electronic music lovers like us. From Shi Fu Miz to Clockenflap, ALTN8 became the finale and closure of the trilogy. Thanks to Team ALTN8’s invite, we went there last Saturday and experienced the finest of underground electronic music in Hong Kong.

Started with melodic and fine electronic tunes in the Qube Stage, we are welcomed by Social Room Resident DJ Ocean Lam’s deep and moody techno beats with no exception. With the swift transition from Extrawelt to Super Flu (presented by REWIND) and Roman Flügel, the festival has reached the climax.

REWIND presents Super Flu


Setting foot in the middle of the city with one central location in PMQ for the first time, ALTN8 is accessible and convenient for all festival goers. Unlike a lot of other festival venues, it is neighboring to great restaurants and bars around for a mid-show break.

ALTN8 Festival has come to an end with an enormous crowd of electronic music lovers in Hong Kong. Just like Shi Fu Miz, It is a perfect example of the successful growth of the electronic music scene in Hong Kong and we genuinely can’t wait for the return of the next edition.


Wanted to find out more underground electronic music event in Hong Kong for upcoming weeks? Check out Epizode Warmup: Denis Kaznacheev in Social Room this Saturday or Roam Selector All Night Long in Mihn Club on December 22.


8 Reasons why EPIZODE should be your New Year Destination

8 Reasons why EPIZODE should be your New Year Destination

Always the same old countdown parties in nightclub or friend’s houses? For those who are keen to try something new, we have a good news for you!

Epizode Festival is returning to Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam for the third edition of the techno music festival from December 28, 2018, to January 8, 2019. Ditch your glittery shining dress and champagne glass, and join us for a hot tropical year-end countdown party on the beaches of Phu Quoc! (Check out their Warm Up Party in Social Room next weekend for a little preview!)

Not very convinced yet? Run through the list below now. Next thing you know you will run to get your passport ready!



1. It’s a top-rated techno music festival in Asia

2. It located in the beautiful Phu Quoc Island of Vietnam

Image Courtesy: @ruskievskiy

Surrounded by beautiful beaches and palm trees, who can say no?

3. Accessible for techno lovers in Asia such as Hong Kong and Singapore

Image Courtesy: @jonesaroundtheworld

Phu Quoc Island is only 1 hour away from Ho Chi Mihn City. You can catch a quick flight of 2.5 hours from Hong Kong / 2 hours from Singapore.

4. It will last for more than 11 days

Take your time and pick the days that work for you!

5. What’s more special than going to a techno festival to countdown for 2019 with friends?

6. Tickets are affordable for travelers on shoestrings

Image Courtesy: @mads.hk

Multi-Pass only costs HKD1900 (Unlimited Entries during the Festival!) and same price for the special Sister Pass (HKD1900 for 2 Female Goers)!

7. More than 100 International and regional artists performing in high-quality production

From techno legend Pan-Pot, the new rising star DJ Peggy Gou to our favorite HK representative Ocean Lam, there are more than 100 acts waiting for you!

8. Unlike other mainstream electronic music festival, EPIZODE is a mix of music & art.

Image Courtesy: @ruskievskiy


Limited Advance Tickets for EPIZODE are on sales now. Catch the festival Warm Up Party this weekend in Social Room with techno DJ Denis Kaznacheev and Social Room Resident DJ Ocean Lam.

Not exactly what you prefer? Check out these 5 electronic music festival around Southeast Asia for alternative options!


Electric Daisy Carnival for Beginner 101 [ASIA EDITION]

Electric Daisy Carnival for Beginner 101 [ASIA EDITION]

Imagine that you are walking through the music festival gates and that what is welcoming you for an unforgettably beautiful experience over one weekend is top EDM headliners and carnival performers from all over the world! Best thing is, it is nowhere far from where you are!

This is not a dream anymore. After the success in EDC Shanghai, Insomniac is extending its footprint of Electric Daisy Carnival aka EDC to Southern China in Guangdong! The latest edition of EDC China will take place in Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort of Zhuhai on November 24-25.


While top headliners such as Porter Robinson, Tiesto, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Steve Angello, Zedd, Salvatore Ganacci and Major Lazer will be performing on the main stage kineticFIELD, Bassrush Experience will also be hosting names such as Infected Mushroom, Slushii, BlackGummy, FuntCase, Delta Heavy B2B Dirtyphonics on bassPOD, and Dreamstate Presents will be taking over the circuitGROUNDS with Vini Vici, Rank 1, Andy Moor, David Gravell, Will Atkinson and more.


EDC is more than just a music festival, it is a brand, a kind of lifestyle where people of different countries share same values, come together and celebrate life, love, music, and art under the Electric Sky.

To become part of the EDC fam, there is no admission fee, you just need to share the following values as the fam do:
1. Always be a Headliner (Be kind to those around you inside outside the festival)
2. Spread Love (Inspire and unite our community through love not hate)
3. Respect the Space (Take good care of our environment)
4. Ignite Positivity (Amplify and share your positive energy)
5. Embrace the True You (Celebrate Individuality)
6. Care for One Another (Look out for your friends and neighbours)
7. Be Open to Experience (Seek, discover, and participate in the unimaginable)
8. Keep the Beat Going (Share the advice you’ve gathered)


Featuring the signature brand of over-the-top world-class production. Insomniac is one of the biggest music festival brands in the world and has set foot to all over the world in USA, Mexico, Japan. More than 60 international and regional lineup will be gathering in Guangdong for a full weekend of madness! The flagship edition of EDC will be returning to Las Vegas Motor Speedway from May 17th-19th, 2019.


Get your General Admission and VIP tickets on Electric Soul while they are still available and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience a couple hours away from Hong Kong!

How to go to Chimelong Paradise easily: https://www.rome2rio.com/s/Hong-Kong/Chimelong-Paradise

Don’t know what to wear for EDC Guangdong? Check out our ultimate festival guide here!