Festival prep is almost as important as the festival itself. You need to organize your crew, tickets, accommodation, transportation, festival looks for days 1, 2, and 3, food, drink, and all that jazz. It’s no easy feat. However, once you get there, all that hard work pays off. It’s time to celebrate.

You want this weekend to be as smooth sailing as it possibly can, and with good reason. Thankfully, there are some pretty badass apps out there that can help with exactly that. From keeping tabs on your friends to compiling a playlist of all the great new artists you’ve just discovered, we’ve compiled the 7 best apps to guide you through your festival weekend.

Find Your Friends

Unless you are all connected to the same leash, chances are you will get separated from your friends at some point over the weekend. Hey! It happens to the best of us. Whether you are with a crew of 12 of your best friends or just one, getting everyone on board to see all the same performers all the time is rather unlikely. Stray from the herd with peace of mind that you’ll run into them later. And if the divine powers of the festival don’t bring you back together through pure fate, well, technology will guide you.

screenshot of life360 app

For iPhone users, it’s likely that you have most of your friends on Find My Friends. Just make sure everyone is sharing their location all the time and you’ll have no problems reuniting. However, chances are that there’s at least one of you in the group sporting an Android. Life360, available for both Apple and Android, lets you share locations, monitor the battery life of your friends’ phones, gives you their ETA, and alerts you when they arrive at a location. Keep your friends safe and keep the party going.

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Tent Finder

Navigating your tent after a few too many at the festival can prove to be quite difficult. Not to mention that when you headed out for the day it was lovely and sunny and now it’s pitch dark. Columbus wouldn’t even be able to decipher his tent from the others in the sea of blue, black, and grey tents that is a festival campsite.

screenshot of tent finder app

Thankfully, there’s an app for that. Tent Finder by Boutique Camping helps you locate your tent. Before you head out for the day, pin the location of your tent and add a picture, just to be sure. The built-in compass allows you to navigate your way back to your tent, even when there is no cell network. Dark out? No problem. Open the in-app flashlight and let it illuminate your path. Share your tent location with friends so they can find you too. Check the forecast and even find links to info on how to set up your tent – all available offline.

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Often festivals take place in big open areas with no street signs or location markers. Also, in large crowds, even with your location finder on, it can be hard to navigate to the blue throbbing dot that is your friend.

screenshot of what3words app

Enter What3Words: the hyper-accurate location app. It has assigned a unique three-word address to every 3x3m square in the world. If you locate your 3x3m location and send it to a friend, they can search those three words and find your exact location using the GPS. So if you are dancing at the main stage with thousands of others, your friends can find you. Remember, if you move out of the 3x3m box, your three-word address will change. This app is useful for locating your tent, car, that food stall you really loved, or the meeting spot you’ve organized with friends.

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Water Reminder

We can’t stress enough how important it is to stay safe and hydrated at festivals. The days are long and the sun is hot. We get caught up in the excitement and can forget to do simple, extremely important things like drink water. Drinking water is key in your enjoyment of a festival. Dehydration is a real downer. If the sun and the heat aren’t enough to parch you, alcohol and drugs will do the trick.

screenshot of daily water tracker reminder app

Download Daily Water Tracker Reminder and stay quenched. Program the app with a water intake goal and set up reminders throughout the day. Since you’ll be sweating on the dance floor, set a high goal to ensure you’re getting enough fluids.

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One of the best things about going to festivals is finding new artists. However, after a long day of listening to music and dancing, it can be hard to remember the exact song who’s drop had you seeing God. Let SoundHound be your musical memory.

screenshot of soundhound app

SoundHound not only tells you what song is playing but it also saves your history so you can collect songs all day long. Connect it to your Spotify and create a festival memories playlist. SoundHound lets you look up lyrics so you can sing along in real-time. Song stuck in your head but you can’t remember who or what it is? You can even sing a song or hum the tune to SoundHound and it’ll find it for you.

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The Official App

Chances are, the festival you are headed to has an app of its own. These official festival apps are extremely handy. The apps will vary from festival to festival, but typically they will share all the necessary information you need to plan, navigate, and enjoy the festival.

screenshot of osheaga festival app

Check out the lineup, build a personalized schedule, and share it with friends with the Osheaga App. Top up your drinks wristband with your linked bank card using the Sziget Festival App. Navigate the festival grounds and find your desired stage with the Tomorrowland App. Receive notifications for any changes, special offers, or emergency information with the Lollapalooza App.


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