KNO/WHY Releases Exclusive FREE Serum Sound Design Pack – THIS WEEKEND ONLY

KNO/WHY Releases Exclusive FREE Serum Sound Design Pack – THIS WEEKEND ONLY

It’s time to crank up the creativity in quarantine. Las Vegas DJ and producer, KNO/WHY, popular for his dancefloor bangers that seamlessly meld electronic sounds and hip-hop, is releasing an exclusive Serum sound pack available to download for FREE. The free download is a custom pack of 60 Serum presets, ready for artists and producers to get creating. The download will be available this weekend (May 22-25) only, and after that, it’ll be gone off the internet forever!


KNO/WHY knows firsthand that the struggle is real for artists and producers in the current climate and this is his way of giving back to his community. All sounds are unique and created solely by him, intended to inspire artists who may be in a creative funk or have exhausted their library of sounds. Sound design is time-consuming. With this pack, KNO/WHY hopes he can take the grunt work out of the process so artists can focus on writing killer tracks. 

Kno/Why exclusive pack
All your needs, into one pack

Whether you produce trap, drum and bass, half step, twerk, dubstep, or bass, you’ll find 60 expertly crafted sounds that will take your track to the next level. You’ll want to jump on this exclusive offer ASAP. This download will only be available for the duration of this weekend. 

Electric Soul is all about the community banding together for the sake of better music and happier days. Be sure to share your tracks bolstered by KNO/WHY’s presets with us on Instagram!

Interview with Mr. Ho

Interview with Mr. Ho

Too cool to limit his vibe to just one place, Mr. Ho hops between Hong Kong and Europe spinning hedonistic tracks. He’s both a record collector and record label owner that likes to keep things authentic and DIY when it comes to his shows and the biz. We caught up with him to chat about music scenes in different cities, how his label, Klasse Wrecks, came to be, and what we can expect from him in 2020.

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Electric Soul: You’ve been around the block in terms of DJing. With 15+ years under your belt, tell us about your musical career up until this point. 

Mr. Ho: I’ve travelled around quite a bit for djing. I’ve released some records. I’ve met many like-minded and inspiring individuals, some of whom I can call my friends.  There have been times I’ve gotten bored with what I do, but then something happens that brings back the excitement. 

ES: You’re currently based in Hong Kong. What other cities would you call home and how do their music scenes differ from Hong Kong’s? 

MH: Right now, I would only call Hong Kong my home. I used to live in Berlin, and electronic music brings about 50,000 people to the city to party every weekend, and around 1.5 billion EUR to the city a year. There is an electronic music industry in Berlin, and it is a significant part of the city’s economy. That’s just not the case in Hong Kong. 

ES: You’re a bit of a record collector. Tell us what got you started and how many records you’ve collected to date. What is your most prized record? 

MH: I started buying records because a significant portion of the music I liked was only available in that format and I also liked how the artwork was presented on the record sleeve. Currently, there are probably 2000+ records in my collection and I’m attached to about 1500 of them.   

Mr. Ho looking at records
Image credit: Resident Advisor

ES: Who is Mr. Ho as a DJ? How would you describe your sound?  

MH: I’ve been called a “physical DJ” by my Japanese DJ friends. I like that. I would describe my sound as physical, sleazy, fun, and hedonistic. 

Live on Fauve Radio for one hour!

Posted by Mr. Ho on Monday, 29 October 2018

ES: What is your favourite kind of crowd to play to? 

MH: A good openminded crowd that likes what I play. 

ES: What is your favourite show you’ve played? Where and why? 

MH: Too many to mention! I’ve been lucky enough to have had more good gigs than bad. I do enjoy my residencies at Mihn in Hong Kong and Ohm in Berlin. I feel familiar there and it allows me to try new things out and develop my sound. 

ES: You also are co-founder of Klasse Wrecks. Tell us about your record label and how it all began? 

MH: Klasse Wrecks is an electronic music label that predominantly releases music aimed for the dancefloor.  Our approach and aesthetic are somewhat DIY because we both have a background in the pre-big industry skateboarding and hip hop culture. The label started with my friend and partner Lucas Hunter a.k.a. Luca Lozano. We were both doing different music projects in a different scene which we no longer enjoyed. Luca had the idea to do a label (we used to be called Klasse Recordings) which could be home to our current projects. He asked me to come on board in the beginning and here we are- almost ten years later. 

ES: What do you look for in a Klasse Wrecks artist? 

MH: It’s difficult to answer specifically, we just have to like the tracks,  the person who made it, and feel that we can be the best home to their music. 

ES: What has owning a record label taught you about the music industry? 

MH: It taught me that basic good business practices apply to the music business too. It’s important to do your accounting, chase up on your invoices, pay your people – just like any other business. 

ES: What does Mr. Ho have planned for 2020? 

MH: More time in the studio, so more original music released. Also developing more products for Klasse Wrecks. A bit less travelling for DJ gigs. 

FuFu Present Mr. Ho poster

Catch Mr. Ho on March 21st at FuFu Creative Presents Mr. Ho at Duddels! Check out our latest article for all the details.

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Singapore Nightlife: Our 6 Picks

Singapore Nightlife: Our 6 Picks

Think Singapore is all suits and skyscrapers? Think again. This metropolis has a buzzing nightlife with an emerging underground electronic scene.  In recent years, it has made its name as an absolute must-stop destination on every big DJ or producers’ Asia tour. Grandiose establishments, state-of-the-art sound systems, and enthusiastic patrons looking to blow off steam and dance ‘til the sun comes up all contribute to Singapore being a nightlife destination. Whether you are Singaporean, an ex-pat, or just passing through, add these clubs to your must-visit list and thank us later. 

Zouk Singapore 

Zouk Singapore

Zouk has been long regarded as one of the best nightclubs in Singapore. Operating for over 23 years now, they’ve got how to throw an epic party down to an exact science. An absolute pioneer in the Singapore nightlife scene, they were the first to bring house music to the city-state, refusing the typical top 40 hits you’d hear at every other bar. Zouk has a regular lineup of 6 incredibly talented resident DJs, who bring the party to Clark Quay every night. They are also known for hosting the biggest names in the business including Tiesto, Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, and Afrojack. Spanning across two floors, the club has won awards for its innovative designs featuring multiple stages, lounges, and chill hangout spots. It is also heavily decorated with multiple awards including ranking in the top 10 of DJ Mags Top 100 Clubs in the World for nine years now. It’s a Singapore institution that’s a must-visit for anyone looking for the real-deal nightlife experience. 

Tuff Club 

Tuff Club Singapore

Tuff Club is making Singapore fit again, one dance party at a time. Operating with a ‘dancing is exercise’ principal, they recommend their patrons visit twice a week to achieve optimal results. The brainchild of The Council, the talented party starters who brought us Headquarters (see below), Tuff Club was meant to be a pop-up club operating as a “Chinese restaurant by day, nightclub by night”. What was supposed to be a three-month activation will celebrate its 2-year anniversary later this year. Located in Oxley Tower on the 19th floor, the temp club turned Singapore favourite has played host to the likes of Peggy Gou, Perc, and B.Traits. At Tuff Club, the dance floor is the heart and soul, known for its ravey vibes and welcoming atmosphere. If you’re looking for a night of good music where no one will be judging your questionable dance moves, strap on some sneakers and hit up Tuff Club. 

f.Club × Attica 

Attica Singapore

Another Clarke Quay staple, f.Club × Attica is the place to go if you’re looking for a little glitz and glam. Two levels with two different sounds, Attica is a crowd-pleaser for groups who range in musical tastes. R&B and top 40 hits play on Level I, while house, trance, and electro dominate Level II. Their 6 resident DJs keep the dancefloors full and party bumping. Honourable guest DJs, local and international, regularly make appearances, switching things up. Connecting the two levels is The Courtyard, an alfresco area where you can grab a drink with friends during dance breaks. Grab a glass of champagne at Bar Rose and enjoy while looking out over the Singapore River. It’s definitely the perfect place for a celebration like a birthday or a girl’s night. Lipstick Mafia, a.k.a. Ladies Night is every Wednesday night and the ladies can sip on complimentary champagne and cocktails all night long. 


Ce La Vie Singapore

CÉ LA VI is the place where the location is as high as the BPMs. Located on level 57 at the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, the restaurant, bar, and lounge boast some of the best views in the area. With regular appearances by top DJs and producers in the game, including recent sets by Claptone, Sven Väth, and DJ Jazzy Jeff, CÉ LA VI guarantees a night of great music and a killer atmosphere. It’s a great place to start with after-work drinks, then dinner, followed by a night of non-stop dancing.  


Headquarters Singapore

The main stomping grounds of The Council (remember Tuff Club?!), Headquarters is THE place for underground sounds. No frills, just really good music, Headquarters is easily one of the coolest places in Singapore to spend your night. From Wednesday to Sunday, expect red-lit dance parties with local and international DJs spinning house, disco, and techno. Known for its red laser lighting and DJ cage, everyone from Peggy Gou to Kaiser Souzai has taken over the decks. Founders Eileen Chan (DJ Cats on Crack) and Clement Chin (KOI Izakaya) have boiled down the essentials of what it takes to throw a killer party. No sparklers in champagne bottles, no fancy chandeliers, at Headquarters it’s about the music in its purest form. 


MARQUEE Singapore

A little slice of Las Vegas right in Marina Bay Sands, MARQUEE is as big and spectacular as nightclubs get. A complete sensory overload, describing MARQUEE as grandiose would be an understatement. 20-meter screens, a Function One sound system, three floors, and 2300 square meters of dancefloors and cozy lounges, this spot is for those looking for a big night out. Take a ride on the Ferris wheel or a trip down the slide, it’s essentially an adult playground, ready to amuse. Known for its constant lineups of the world’s biggest names, you’re getting concert quality performances that you’ll not soon forget. Perhaps not ideal for a quiet night among friends, but if you’re in the mood to go big or go home, go to MARQUEE. 

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FuFu Creative presents Mr. Ho at Duddel’s (HK)

FuFu Creative presents Mr. Ho at Duddel’s (HK)

Hearing about another FuFu Creative party is always music to our ears. This time, March 21st, FuFu presents Mr. Ho, the legendary DJ, owner of Klasse Wrecks, and gifted selector.  

Electric soul is giving away 2 tickets for 3 winners! Keep checking back into our Instagram to win! 

The party will throw down at Duddel’s in Central. The eclectic Salon opens up to the stunning 2000+ square foot lush terrace. The alfresco garden doubles as the dance floor so you can party under the night sky. 

Mr. Ho, known for his smooth transitions from house to techno, disco to electronica, will headline the event. His set will be sandwiched by FuFu resident DJs that will surely keep you dancing. 

Mr. Ho

Don’t sleep on this party. Doors are at 10pm and the music will go past 3am. Get your tickets now! 

Electric soul is giving away 2 tickets for 3 winners! Keep checking back into our Instagram to win! 

Interview with Zonderling

Interview with Zonderling

Dutch duo, Zonderling, is in its own category of electronic music. Comprised of producer Martijn van Sonderen and DJ Jaap de Vries, the two have produced countless tracks full of eccentric beats and otherworldly sounds. With a radio show and impressive collaborations under their belts, Zonderling shows no signs of slowing down now. We caught up with them to talk shop and see what the future hold for them.

Electric Soul: Tell us about your musical beginnings? How did you come together as a duo?

Zonderling: We met in our hometown Groningen, the Netherlands. Jaap was already DJing for some years and worked in the music industry. Martijn was active as a producer for many years.

ES: Your music is described as being its own kind of dance music. If you were to describe the music you make, without referring to other genres, what would you say?

Z: Electronic music with a lot of (unnecessary) detail.

zonderling stage

ES: Are there artists or musicians you look to for inspiration?

Z: Not really. We do like a lot of artists of course, but for us, anything can spark an idea.

ES: Zone Radio is a new endeavour you guys embarked upon last year and you just released the first episode of season 2. What are your reasons behind creating this show and what is it you want to achieve with it?

Z: It’s a nice way for us to play music we normally don’t get to present during shows. Plus, it feels good to give artists we like, big or small, a platform.

ES: When it comes to music selection, what are you looking for? Is the show in tune with your particular likes?

Z: Absolutely, we do the selection ourselves without any restrictions and put in there whatever we feel like, just as long as it fits the Zonderling spectrum.

ES: 2019 was full of new releases and festival appearances. What are your highlights from last year?

Z: Probably our releases “I Do” and “Spotlight”. But, our song “Imaginary” is perhaps our personal favourite. We’re very happy with how that song turned out and the vibe it has.

ES: Already in 2020, you’ve released a collaboration with NØ SIGNE. Tell us what it was like working with him and how this creative partnership came to be.

Z: We got in touch online via social media. We liked a song he did and his productions stood out. He sent us an idea and we liked it. The song came together pretty quick and “Clouds” is what you hear today. Make sure to follow his career, talented guy.

ES: What can we expect from Zonderling this year? What are you most excited about?

Z: Lot’s of touring as always but we’re most excited about all the new music we have lined up, there’s more than ever. Keep an eye out.

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Burning Man Sues Federal Government

Burning Man Sues Federal Government

The gloves are off. Burning Man is tired of waiting for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to justify the nearly $3 million it charges the festival annually. In “an attempt to break the cycle”, an official lawsuit was filed by Black Rock City LLC, the subsidiary that produces the iconic event, in D.C. District Court on December 13th.  

The Bureau of Land Management oversees land permits for public land use and allows the organizers to host the 7-day event in Black Rock Desert. For the past 4 years, Black Rock City LLC has been waiting patiently to see if the BLM will justify the substantial charges. With no explanation in sight, they went forward with a lawsuit.  

The immense charges are to cover BLM’s services and expenses, including law enforcement and oversight during the event. The organization has also been required to pay a 3% gross recipient fee or a portion of its revenue, which was $44 million in 2018. 

Burning Man 2019 statue and fire in distance
Photo by Trey Ratcliff

Since 2012, these charges have been increasing with no explanation. In the past 3 years, charges inflated by 291% although the Burning Man population only increased by 39%. This past year, the organization paid out $2.9 million in charges, not including the commercial use fee. 

There’s been a fair bit of drama between the organization and the BLM for a few years now. In 2015, top officials were reassigned to other roles after the bureau director accused them of trying to extort Burning Man organizers. Apparently, these top-level officials made absurd demands during the 2015 event including requesting 24-hour ice cream access and flushing toilets. 

These demands, charges, and conditions, however unjust, they have left the Black Rock City LLC stuck between a rock and a hard place. Its relationship with the BLM can be described as a Hobson’s Choice conundrum, meaning that someone must submit to the undesirable option or nothing at all. With an already scheduled, highly anticipated event that attracts over 80,000 people annually, cancelling the event is out of the question. So the cycle of abuse continues. This lawsuit was set in motion to put an end to it. 

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