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5 Music Focused Films to Fill Your Festival Void

5 Music Focused Films to Fill Your Festival Void

Now that the festival season has died down, we find ourselves longing for those long nights, dreamy dance parties, thumping bass, and deafening drops. FOMO isn’t a good look on anyone, so we’ve compiled some cult classics and deep documentaries that will fill that electronic music void in your soul.

Now, there are countless documentaries put out by various artists and producers, diving deep into the history or someone’s life story. And we love a good doc, but it’s always fun to mix in a little fantasy. So, here is our list of five films filled with bangers and beats, eccentric personalities, and communities built on PLUR that will see you through to your next festival.

What We Started

The much talked about and widely known documentary takes a stroll down memory lane, looking at popular genres of the past that paved the way for the electronic music we all know (and love) today. The shift from nightclubs hosting live bands to the introduction of discothèques, the doc shows epic clips from legends of disco, like Larry Levan, with commentary by current names including Afrojack, Carl Cox, and Pete Tong. It skims over the death of disco to the introduction of house music through DJs like Chip E and techno through the likes of Jeff Mills.

Lots of attention is paid towards performer extraordinaire, Carl Cox, and teen dream Martin Garrix. Big music industry names weigh in on the controversy of DJs who mix albums versus USB, glorified playlist player DJs who mostly wave their arms in the air. The documentary What We Started is educational, entertaining, and on Netflix. Wins all around.

Avicci: True Stories

Released 6 months before his death, the documentary depicts Avicii (Tim Bergling) and his quick rise to fame. Director Levan Tsikurishvili followed Bergling for over 4 years capturing the behind and in front of the scenes footage that makes up this film. Up close and personal, the film dives into who Bergling really was, the man behind the music. His illustrious career and almost overnight stardom were both awe-inspiring and damaging. We see Bergling’s struggles with both his mental and physical health. Other big names in the industry such as David Guetta, Tiesto, and Chris Martin make cameos.

It is an interesting insight into the life of one of the most respected and famous producers of this generation. A superstar with an aversion to the spotlight, the documentary tells a story of strong character, talent, and the harsh realities of the music industry.

It’s All Gone Pete Tong

Canadian indie film It’s All Gone Pete Tong is a comedic mockumentary(ish) flick about world-renown UK DJ and producer Frankie Wilde. After years of playing insanely loud nightclubs, Wilde loses most of his hearing. Refusing to acknowledge his impairment at first, he continues trying to play gigs, resulting in catastrophic crossfades and provoking boos. After an incident with some feedback, Wilde is knocked unconscious, leaving him permanently deaf.

His hearing being crucial to his success, Wilde proceeds to lose his record deal, manager, and wife. A downward spiral ensues fuelled by depression and drug use. When he meets his next romantic interest who teaches him to read lips, things start looking up again for Wilde.

We Are Your Friends

Regardless of what critics and IMDB say, this flick is a feel-good coming of age film that actually hits some of the darker moments faced in the electronic music community. We Are Your Friends follows Cole Carter (Zac Efron), a college dropout/DJ out looking for a good time with the help of his friends. After a chance meeting with respected DJ, James Reed, Carter is taken under his wing. Classic romantic drama ensues over a girl, drugs are involved, and ODs happen. Friendships are threatened and careers are jeopardized. All the good stuff you would expect to see in a Zac Efron movie.

If you’re nostalgic for summer and responsibility-free college years, this is a good one to tuck in to. Cute commentary from Efron may have the more musically inclined cringing, but it’s all in good fun.

Party Monster

A cult classic, Party Monster follows a small-town kid Michael Alig (Macaulay Caulkin) who gets completely caught up in the club life of 1980s New York City. Completely immersed in the drugs, dancing, music, and celebrity, watching Michael spiral is like a train wreck you can’t take your eyes off. Based on a true story, Party Monster sheds light on the queer and chaotic nightclub scene, the self-destructive behavior of an addict, and the fascinating club kids.

The dark comedy is full of killer tunes and festival costume inspiration. It also shows the effects and downfall of taking a good thing too far and that actions have consequences.

Need more than just a few good flicks to fill that musical void? Check out these electronic music podcasts and fill yourself with musical knowledge.

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5 Must-Listen Podcasts About the Electronic Music Industry

5 Must-Listen Podcasts About the Electronic Music Industry

Sometimes we need to give our ears a break from the bass, synth, and beats (we said sometimes!). But don’t put those headphones away quite yet. We still want you to live and breathe electronic music. Get to know your favorite artists and producers, learn about the ins and outs of the industry, or expand your iTunes library by learning about new artists making big (sound) waves.

Music is good for the soul and so is knowledge. Educate yourself by pressing play on these five podcasts that dive deep into the world of electronic music.

TIGA Presents: Last Party on Earth

A relatively new podcast with only a few episodes released, this series gives you the insider info you want from all your favorite names in the industry without asking those cookie-cutter questions. Tiga, Canadian DJ, producer, and wearer of many hats, has only one simple (pfft!) question for his guests: “It’s your last set ever: what do you play?”.

A loaded question, guests, who have included Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Carl Cox, Gerd Janson, and Kölsch, are invited to discuss what that party would be like, look like, sound like, and feel like. This question has been carefully crafted to reveal the personalities, anxieties, preferences, rituals, and influences of each guest without actually having to ask them. You learn about the parties that have shaped, moved, and changed them. Casual and conversational Tiga gives you a glimpse into the lives of his friends and fellow electronic music heavy-hitters in TIGA Presents: Last Party on Earth.

Sound + Process or ‘lines’ is a forum board community of artists who create sounds using grid instruments, Eurorack modules, and monome instruments. Sound + Process was created to further the discussions that are held on this forum.

Full of silky metaphors and lyrical vernacular, the podcast is meant to inspire creators by providing insight from fellow artists. The production is ethereal and almost meditative. With few prompts from the host, the episodes take on a narrative form, the artists speaking uninterrupted about their creative process, struggles, and inner-most thoughts.

The podcast exposes you to new artists, industry experts, and creatives that are all just out there trying to create and express themselves through the genre they have fallen in love with.

Song Exploder

With over 160 episodes, spanning multiple genres, Song Exploder is so good that it is worth weeding through the archives and finding the episodes featuring your favorite artists.

Song Exploder asks the musicians to dissect their songs and explain, in detail, how they created it. Hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway, the podcast really relies on the musicians to dig deep. The show provides a perspective you won’t get anywhere else- no interviews or magazine articles uncover this much. Free of prompts from the host (he edits this part out), the artists simply tell their story.

After the artists reveal their creative process, the song is played in its entirety. It’s impossible to hear the song as you did before the unveiling. The episodes are short, sweet, and beautifully produced.

Song Exploder has received plenty of acclaim, winning Best of iTunes in 2015, was named Best Podcast of 2015 by Quartz, and awarded Best Music Podcast, 2016 and 2017 by Academy of Podcasters.

Click here to listen!

EDM Producer Podcast

EDM Producer Podcast is a podcast for artists or those who dream of becoming one. Hosts Steve and Ryan talk to notable producers and names in the electronic music industry and get them to spill their industry secrets. You’ll find out what they are working on in the studio, how their career unfolded, and who, what and how they got to where they are now.

For the last five years, EDM Producer Podcast has been shedding light on to what it takes to become a successful producer. Learn from the greats. Find out the software they prefer, the equipment they can’t live without, and how they achieved that sound you’ve always wondered about. The podcast was designed to help listeners become better producers and give them the tools to get their music out there and heard.

On Rotation

Harrison and Valerie, airing from Brooklyn and LA, respectively, discuss hot topics in the industry, breaking news, and the conversations regarding all things electronic music. Essentially an audio version of the holy grail of electronic music news, MixMag, it’s easy to listen to, super informative, and a quick way to download all your industry info without having to navigate through the site.

On Rotation features interviews with big names like Peggy Gou, Black Coffee, Pete Tong, and other industry tastemakers. They talk about important issues affecting the community including the fentanyl epidemic, environmental impact, and the intertwinement of LGBTQ community and dance music.

Have an insatiable thirst for electronic music knowledge? These films and documentaries are entertaining, informative, and full of good tunes.

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Avicii Tribute Concert for Mental Health Awareness

Avicii Tribute Concert for Mental Health Awareness

On December 5th, Stockholm will host a concert that will join the ranks of the most iconic music events of this century. With some of the world’s most talented artists all coming together for a one-night event, the world will celebrate and pay tribute to a talent gone too soon.

The Great Avicii

Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, was one of the most influential electronic acts of this generation. Mixing from the age of 8 and djing from the age of 16, Bergling went on to release “Levels” at 22, which launched him into the mainstream and stardom. From there, he went on to collaborate with every big name in the music industry, including David Guetta, for which their song was nominated for a Grammy. But it wasn’t just other electronic acts and producers. Tim worked with Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Adam Lambert, Nile Rogers, and more.

For 8 years, the undoubtedly talented producer tirelessly cranked out banger after banger, touring the world, and making a name for himself as one of the most passionate producers to date.

Unfortunately, the chaos, pressure, and spotlight had been taking a toll on Tim’s health, both mentally and physically. In 2016, he retired from touring but continued to release new collaborative tracks. His final live performance was in Ibiza after which he would take a step back due to health concerns. For the last two years of his life, Tim continued to make music focussing on his third studio album.

avicii playing the keyboard and smiling

On April 20th, 2018, Tim Bergling took his own life. In an open letter from his family, it stated that Tim struggled with happiness and meaning and could not go on any longer. He found the peace he had been desperately searching for.

Following his death, it is said that Tim had over 200 unreleased songs, both finished and works in progress. The third studio album he had been working on “Tim” was released posthumously on June 6th, 2019. All proceeds from the album and his official biography (to be released in 2020) by Måns Mosesson going to the Tim Bergling Foundation.

Gone but never forgotten

On September 3rd it was announced that a tribute concert would be held in honor of Avicii in Stockholm. The tickets went on sale at 10am on September 5th and were sold out within 30 minutes.

avicii tribute concert poster

At Stockholm’s Friends Stadium on December 5th, 19 artists who had collaborated with Avicii will perform in addition to a 30-piece live band. According to his father, it had been a dream of Tim’s to have his music performed live and this is their way of honoring his dream.

The show will open with DJ sets from the likes of David Guetta, Kygo, and Nicky Romero, followed by performances by the original singers on his biggest tracks. Rita Ora, Adam Lambert, and Aloe Blacc are just a few of the scheduled acts. This concert will mark the first time that many of these songs have been performed live.

Although a tribute to the late artist, this concert is to raise awareness for mental health. Organized by the Tim Bergling Foundation, all proceeds will be directed towards the foundation’s work.

The Tim Bergling Foundation

Founded by his parents Klas Bergling and Anki Lidén shortly after his death, the Tim Bergling Foundation advocates for suicide to be recognized as a global health emergency. The foundation is working to remove the stigma from mental health and suicide, promoting its discussion. It aids scientific studies that are researching the cause and prevention of suicide.

A large portion of his estate and proceeds from the recently released posthumous album “Tim” have already been donated to the foundation. In addition to supporting suicide awareness and prevention, the Tim Bergling Foundation also supports non-profit organizations that address issues that were near and dear to Tim including climate change, the preservation of endangered animals, and global hunger.

Keep up to date with concert announcements, festival highlights, and electronic music news. Follow us on Instagram and become a part of the Electric Soul community.

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Boiler Room Festival Announced and Lineup Released

Boiler Room Festival Announced and Lineup Released

It’s a festival without headliners, where zero precedences will be given to those with the most clout. These four days will all about the underdog, the opening acts, the underground sounds, the talented people making noise in their genres.

It’s refreshing, it’s innovative, it’s new, and it’s so Boiler Room. For almost 10 years, Boiler Room has been giving the stage to unbelievable talent and live streaming to audiences of over 400,000 per show. What began in London in 2010, has since expanded to over 100 countries worldwide.

Boiler Room Beginnings

chica gang boiler room set

With humble beginnings, Boiler Room started with a webcam, a little duct tape, and streaming site Ustream. The first-ever session was broadcast in 2010 when founder Blaise Bellville invited Tris Tian and Femi Adeyemi over to record a mixtape for his online magazine, Platform. This one-off session became a weekly event, gaining notoriety from the BBC, Fader, and Time Out. In its first year, Boiler Room hosted the likes of Jamie XX, SUBTRKT, James Blake, Thom Yorke, and Caribou.

It has since been known to push musical boundaries, not stick to a specific genre, and make space for up and coming artists to share the same spotlight as big, more household names. While London’s underground electronic music was Boiler Room’s early focus, hip-hop, classical, jazz, experimental, and world music artists have all been welcomed.

Boiler Room Festival

Taking place in multiple venues around Peckham in South London, Boiler Room Festival will run for four days, October 9th through 12th, with a capacity of 20,000. The entire event will be live-streamed on Boiler Room’s platforms, opening up the number of festivalgoers immensely.

boiler room dancing

Each day of the four-day event will host a different genre. October 9th will see jazz musicians, October 10th – rap, October 11th will be bass (jungle, dubstep, UK garage, and dancehall), and the final day, October 12th, will feature club sounds (house and techno).

No flashy production, no heavyweight hitters, Boiler Room festival is sticking to its roots of raw and unedited musical sets. Boiler Room wants to introduce its audience, old and new, to the underground music movements by letting them experience them live and in person. Challenging the traditional festival format, Boiler Room festival will be about intimacy.

The Lineup

While the concept of no headliners is being stressed, you aren’t going to walk in and not recognize anyone. You’ll know some and meet others, but no names will be put above another.

On the 9th, jazz will fill the air. Jazz DJs including Bradley Zero and Swindle will get festivalgoers jiving and grooving on the dancefloor. Multi-instrumental artist collective Steam Down and vocalist Greentea Peng are a few of the live acts taking the stage.

October 10th shifts the vibe to feature the underground rap scene of London. Household names include D Double E and Neptizzle. Biig Piig joins the lineup as one of those much talked about artists making a splash.

Friday the 11th will focus on bass, meshing jungle, dubstep, UK funky, and dancehall. The UK bleeds bass, so expect some pretty eclectic sets from homegrown artists like Aba Shanti-I, Slimzee, and Sicaria Sound.

The final day, October 12th will move towards club sounds. House and techno artists will bring up the BPMs and close out the festival. Names include Sherelle, Cashu, Room 4 Resistance, and Blawan.

In some of South London’s most-loved venues and some never-been-used before spots, the first-ever Boiler Room festival will come to life. Founder Blaise Bellville says, “With our first ever Boiler Room Festival we wanted to represent some of the most exciting music movements and underground scenes in the UK right now. Partnering with the emerging DJs, artists, and collectives who are shaping contemporary club culture, and giving them the biggest stage we can.”

We can’t wait.

Can’t make it to London? Check out Shi Fu Miz festival in Hong Kong where Boiler Room will host their own special party October 27th.

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Interview with the Creative Minds Behind the Shi Fu Miz

Interview with the Creative Minds Behind the Shi Fu Miz

The little festival with a big, bassy, electronic heart, Shi Fu Miz kicks off October 26th. Five seasons deep, the biannual, two-day festival is ready to wow the socks off festival-goers. With a never-been-done-before party hosted by Boiler Room on the 27th, Shi Fu Miz is gearing up to become one of the most acclaimed festivals in Hong Kong.

We caught up with its creators (creative agency FuFu and DJ collective La Mamie’s) and asked them to spill the beans on how Shi Fu Miz began and what we can expect in this season.

We’re also exclusively offering the Electric Soul community a sneaky 10% off the ticket price when you enter SFMELECTRICSOUL the checkout. Go forth and take full advantage!

Tickets are on sale now! Here is a discount code for our readers: Enter SFMELECTRICSOUL to receive 10% off. Get yours now!

Electric Soul: First, tell us about how the Shi Fu Miz collaboration came to be.

Shi Fu Miz: It all started with an Instagram conversation. A few weeks later, French DJ collective La Mamie’s came to Hong Kong for a gig. From there, Florian (from FuFu) and Victor (from La Mamie’s) decided to collaborate, putting their strengths, knowledge, and experiences together to build a music and art festival in Hong Kong.

Cheung Chau Island a.k.a. Shi Fu Miz’s festival grounds

ES: Why did you choose to host in HK over France?

SFM: Florian is based in Hong Kong and was already wanting to develop something for the region as it is pretty lacking in underground music events and festivals. Also, La Mamie’s already has their own festival in Paris: Macki Music Festival, which launched three years before Shi Fu Miz. We felt we could harness the spirit of Macki, combine it will the vibes of Hong Kong, and stack it full of local and regional talent—and thus, Shi Fu Miz was born. 

ES: What was your festival experience like this past summer? Do you prefer the festival circuit to shows?

SFM: Most of our team spent the summer in Europe, checking out the music scene there and bringing some inspiration back to Hong Kong. We went to some great festivals with really unique venues, curated settings, and forward-thinking sounds. We experimented with different kinds of festivals this summer too, including Dekmantel, Horst, and of course the Macki Music Festival. The festival circuit is always a good thing: summertime, open-air, and good vibes.

ES: Is SFM a reflection of festivals you’ve attended or step in a totally different direction?

SFM: We definitely get some great ideas from all the different festivals that we have been to as festivalgoers and artists, but Shi Fu Miz is a totally different and novel experience, very much tailored to Hong Kong. You won’t get this experience elsewhere and you won’t know what makes it standout amongst the rest unless you immerse yourself in it. When you do, you’ll quickly see why we’ve grown so quick. It’s also really refreshing to get out of the concrete jungle and the small clubs that makeup Hong Kong. 

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Shi Fu Miz Festival – Spring 2019 / AFTERMOVIE

Shi Fu Miz Festival – Spring 2019 / AFTERMOVIE.

Posted by Shi Fu Miz on 4 months ago

ES: Tell us more about your artist curation process? Where and how do you source artists? 

SFM: The team has a very similar taste in music so it’s pretty easy. We always look to book a healthy mix of famous international electronic artists alongside regional and local acts. For international performers, we don’t want the most famous but want artists with great skills and a serious knowledge of music. Don’t miss Peach, Lean Willikens, and Marcellus Pittman.

ES: Can you touch on your collaboration with Boiler Room, how it came to be, and what significance it holds?

SFM: Boiler Room is the biggest streaming platform in the world for electronic music and it is pushing the music scene by broadcasting big names and lesser-known DJs with huge potential. It helps to grow an emerging market like Hong Kong. Since we’ve been getting a lot more attention from the international community, we wanted to give the amazing artists from around Asia a chance to be in the spotlight. So, for the Boiler Room showcase, we chose artists like Ocean Lam, K-Melo, and Utopia instead of heavyweight headliners.

ES: Having only started a few years ago, SFM looks to have a bright future. How do you envision its evolution?

While maintaining stability in Hong Kong is paramount, we’re looking to expand to different countries in Asia. But for now, those details are on the down-low.

Want to know Shi Fu Miz on a deeper level? Check out our latest article about their collab with Boiler Room.

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The Warehouse Project: UK’s Most Epic Nightclub

The Warehouse Project: UK’s Most Epic Nightclub

Those outside Manchester may not be privy to the ins and outs of The Warehouse Project.  But since 2006, for four months a year, The Warehouse Project has invaded abandoned Manchester venues, made them its own, and thrown epic club nights.

The 2019 season of Warehouse Project kicks off this September 20th. From now until New Year’s Day, 29 events chocked full of electronic musical acts, big and small, will fill the calendars of music lovers across the UK and beyond.

Who is The Warehouse Project?

Back in 2003, best friends Sacha Lord-Marchionne and Sam Kandel, who had been working in a nightclub together for years, decided to throw a party at Boddington’s Brewery, a venue made famous by the cult classic 24 Hour Party People. The guys thought it was a one-time thing until 2006 when they booked not one, but 24 parties. Warehouse Project was born and over 120,000 partygoers marched through the abandoned brewery’s doors that season.

What is The Warehouse Project?

According to Lord, WHP is the “nearest [this generation is] going to come to the illegal warehouse parties that happened in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

And like those warehouse parties, The Warehouse Project has never run like a traditional nightclub. WHP runs seasonally, following the school term. Every weekend, both Friday and Saturday, from September to New Year’s Day, Warehouse Project opens its doors, cranks the bass, and throws epic electronic club nights.

WHP has always been known for hosting big-name DJs and producers, pumping house, techno, trance, and more recently grime. To name drop, Carl Cox, Annie Mac, Pete Tong, De La Soul, and Disclosure, have all hit the decks. But WHP’s greatest service is that it has always had these big names sharing the same stage as less established, up and coming acts.

WHP has picked up a few accolades in its time. In 2007, MixMag named Warehouse Project the UK’s best nightclub and in 2013, it was voted Best Club Series by DJ Mag.

Where is The Warehouse Project?

Since its inception in 2006, The Warehouse Project has taken place in abandoned and disused spaces. In the early years it occupied the abandoned Boddingtons Brewery, then an air raid shelter under Picadilly Station, a car park, and since an abandoned railway station.

The Depot

Most recently, WHP has occupied the O2 Victoria Warehouse, a former cotton storage facility. But this year, the 2019 season of WHP will grace a new venue, The Depot. Abandoned for over 50 years, this former train station has been gutted and transformed into a dynamic venue, a stone’s throw from the Piccadilly Train Station. Club nights, this season, will flip-flop between the two venues, sometimes two events happening simultaneously at each venue.

When is The Warehouse Project?

Mark your calendars because this season of The Warehouse Project kicks off on Friday, September 20th. With different events happening at each venue, the 2019 season will start with a bang. At The Depot, the party starts at 7 pm and runs until 3 am. The lineup, curated and headlined by Aphex Twin, boasts sets from Nina Kraviz, Aleksi Perälä, Lee Gamble, 33EMYBW, and more. Over at the 02 Victoria Warehouse, Fisher takes the headliner position joined by Franky Rizardo, Mason Collective, Martin Ikin, and Luke Welsh back to back with Mike Morrisey. The party at Victoria Warehouse starts later, at 9 pm, and runs until 4 am.

Even before the season has started, some club nights have sold out.

Annie Mac will curate and headline the Halloween Spectacular on November 2nd with an outrageously long list of electronic heavy hitters. The party will start in the afternoon and run for 11 hours.

The final party of the season happens on New Year’s Day and lasts all day long, keeping partygoers partying from the night before. The lineup has yet to be announced, but in true The Warehouse Project fashion, it won’t be one to disappoint.

Why The Warehouse Project?

As if epic club nights in abandoned venues with lineups that will make your head spin aren’t enough for you, The Warehouse Party is also doing their part to create a safe and welcoming space for all to enjoy.

The Warehouse Project works in collaboration with Think!, a road safety organization that fights against impaired driving on the streets of Britain.

Get your tickets to the opening partying presented by Aphex Twin!

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