Boris is a kind of charismatic all-purpose weapon in the Berlin club scene. His musical roots date back to the mid-80s, when he lived in New York for four years, absorbing the unique spirit of the iconic Paradise Garage weekend after weekend. Boris learned from his mentor Larry Levan: belief in his own musical intuition as well as in a broad musical spectrum that ranges from disco, hi-ngo, post-punk, cabbage rock, house to techno once played together in a set. Electric Soul had a chance to talk to Boris on his music production aspiration and upcoming projects. Listen and Read Now.

Q: Is this your first time playing in Hong Kong?

A: No, I’ve played in Hong Kong once before.

Q: Which music genres do you enjoy the most mixing in your sets?

A: I like to draw music from a multitude of styles and genres, such as techno, EBM (Electronic Body Music), noise, industrial and other subgenres.

Q: What are the main emotions you want to share through your music?

A: Anything one is able to feel, may it be happiness, sadness, anger or serenity.

ED: In Berlin, Boris became resident in the first Panorama Bar, where he earned a loyal fan-base, especially through the long sets that lasted until late noon. “The audience was much more receptive to music later than at the beginning. I then have the opportunity to present unusual things and to give my feeling free rein.”

Q: You’ve been touring around Europe this year, what is your highlight of the year so far?

A: Closing Berghain on Gay Pride in July was definitely a highlight for me, but also playing at Bongo Club in Edinburgh so far.

Q: What are your upcoming plans? Any new music projects coming?

A: I’m currently working on my own material to be released this year or early next year hopefully. Also, I have some remix work in the pipeline, which I`m happy to work on as well.

As a DJ, he is not just about refining a particular genre, but also about pushing music with special twist.