Till Death Do Us Party is one-of-a-kind Halloween event we have been to in Hong Kong so far, very rarely an electronic music event caters for lovers of different genres.

The party first started with a warm-up set of electro music with Signo Sound, followed up with Simtub’s House set. The atmosphere reached to the climax when award-winning singer DJ Shimica stepped on stage and spun the turntables with intriguing heavy bass and trap set. And finally, the night was wrapped up by local house music producer TMA.



Antidote has turned the original HQ by Terrace Concept into a bloodily secluded Mental Hospital. What set Till Death Do Us Party apart from the other Halloween parties in town is the effort for creating a horrific environment alongside quality original electronic music – it went far beyond our expectation.

With all the mad nonsense writing on the walls, partygoers walked into the small imprisonment cell of a psych ward and it seemed like there was no way out.


All the partygoers gave their best effort to dress up for the event: we have come across some cute space-trippy alien girls, dark humorous Wednesday Addams, Aladdin’s sidekick Genie, mad bloody hospital nurses and more…


Lastly, we wanted to give a huge thanks to Antidote Invitation to Till Death Do Us Party, we are looking forward to their next edition of Halloween party!