High school best friends, Cameron and Andrew, alternatively known as Bad Decisions are taking over Australia and the world with their unique blend of trap, future, and pop. The DJ/producer duo just dropped their brand new single “Looking For You”. We caught up with them to find out how the Australian scene has shaped them and what it was like to drop a single on an international radio show.

Electric Soul: You both have different musical backgrounds. Can you tell us a little about them and how you came together as a duo?  

Bad Decisions: We met in high school near Sydney and were the only “DJs” in the school at the time, so we decided to suss each other out. It resulted in many sleepless nights producing music together. Trying to figure out what we were doing led to us becoming best mates! 

ES: How has the Australian scene shaped your sound or your careers? 

BD: Hugely! Flume, What So Not, and Alison Wonderland all played huge parts in inspiring us to push our sound to make more interesting things. All legends. 

ES: Is there a big underground scene? Do you guys have favourite spots to find killer music? 

BD: There’s a great underground scene in Australia. Clubs like Chinese Laundry and events like The Wall in Sydney have been crucial in pushing new sounds and bringing new producers up in the scene. Finding music is a whole other thing. 90% of the time we use Soundcloud

ES: You’ve found yourself on both national and international stages. What was your favourite performance to date and why? 

BD: Going on our own national tour was amazing: seeing people react to the music we made and them knowing the lyrics. There’s no better feeling than that. We loved playing Groovin’ The Moo festival. We had so many people came out to see us and just go so hard the entire time. 

ES: Does your DJ sound and music selection differ from the music you produce? Describe your sound for us.  

BD: Depending on the vibe of the festival, we play a little bit harder than we produce. But then again, we have songs like “I Feel It” which is pretty hard. It depends on how we feel on the day! 

Our sound is a mix of future, trap and pop. We try to be as experimental as we can while still having as much listenability as possible. 

ES: Can you tell us a little bit about the live setup you guys have in the works? 

BD: We’re working on a hybrid live show. Think of San Holo-esque and how The Chainsmokers do it. All we can say for now is when it does come to light, it will be a unique experience for people coming to our shows. 

ES: Your new single “Looking for You” just premiered on Annie Nightingale’s BBC Radio I show. What was it like dropping a new release on an international level like that? 

BD: It’s an incredible feeling being recognized on such a scale. It’s sometimes hard to grasp something like that, something that’s intangible. You can’t see it in the way you see a crowd when you play a show. 

But hearing it live will be a moment we won’t forget any time soon. 

ES: You have a few other guest appearances on various radio shows, including Tiger Radio, coming up. How do you work collaboratively selecting songs and finding your sound for different shows and audiences? 

BD: We can definitely get a vibe of what the show is through knowing the artist and understanding who they are. For example, with the BBC mix, that is wholeheartedly us, from start to finish, it was stuff that resonates with us completely. With other mixes, we may go a little harder or a little softer depending on the audience. It’s all us, all the stuff we love, but it may swing a different way depending on the audience. We do work collaboratively on everything we do. 

ES: What has it been like working with various labels? What have you discovered about yourselves and your music while navigating the music industry? 

BD: Working with different labels, for the most part, has been an awesome experience. We’ve grown a lot since we started in the music industry. Being so young, you can get taken advantage of in different ways. Something we’ve learned is that you have to be aware of everything around the music to fully understand everything and not be taken advantage of. Originally, we weren’t very aware, so we had to change that. 

ES: What can we look forward to from Bad Decisions in 2020? 

BD: LOTS of music. Way more than ever before. So we hope everyone’s ready to get blasted this year with new music. 

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