Dutch duo, Zonderling, is in its own category of electronic music. Comprised of producer Martijn van Sonderen and DJ Jaap de Vries, the two have produced countless tracks full of eccentric beats and otherworldly sounds. With a radio show and impressive collaborations under their belts, Zonderling shows no signs of slowing down now. We caught up with them to talk shop and see what the future hold for them.

Electric Soul: Tell us about your musical beginnings? How did you come together as a duo?

Zonderling: We met in our hometown Groningen, the Netherlands. Jaap was already DJing for some years and worked in the music industry. Martijn was active as a producer for many years.

ES: Your music is described as being its own kind of dance music. If you were to describe the music you make, without referring to other genres, what would you say?

Z: Electronic music with a lot of (unnecessary) detail.

zonderling stage

ES: Are there artists or musicians you look to for inspiration?

Z: Not really. We do like a lot of artists of course, but for us, anything can spark an idea.

ES: Zone Radio is a new endeavour you guys embarked upon last year and you just released the first episode of season 2. What are your reasons behind creating this show and what is it you want to achieve with it?

Z: It’s a nice way for us to play music we normally don’t get to present during shows. Plus, it feels good to give artists we like, big or small, a platform.

ES: When it comes to music selection, what are you looking for? Is the show in tune with your particular likes?

Z: Absolutely, we do the selection ourselves without any restrictions and put in there whatever we feel like, just as long as it fits the Zonderling spectrum.

ES: 2019 was full of new releases and festival appearances. What are your highlights from last year?

Z: Probably our releases “I Do” and “Spotlight”. But, our song “Imaginary” is perhaps our personal favourite. We’re very happy with how that song turned out and the vibe it has.

ES: Already in 2020, you’ve released a collaboration with NØ SIGNE. Tell us what it was like working with him and how this creative partnership came to be.

Z: We got in touch online via social media. We liked a song he did and his productions stood out. He sent us an idea and we liked it. The song came together pretty quick and “Clouds” is what you hear today. Make sure to follow his career, talented guy.

ES: What can we expect from Zonderling this year? What are you most excited about?

Z: Lot’s of touring as always but we’re most excited about all the new music we have lined up, there’s more than ever. Keep an eye out.

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