Every month, dozens of amazing releases reach our ears, charming them with soul and fire. We wanted to share with you five LPs/EPs and five tracks which genuinely caught our attention, and flattered our sensibility with their passionate vibes. Here’s to January 2019!



CROATIAN AMORIsa [Experimental, Industrial — Denmark]

The new record from Croatian Amor is full of light and air, with minimal club tracks and bangers all along. The many shades and moods give a majestic dimension to his deeply experimental project. It is full of figurative speeches, alien voices and oceanic silences, culminating in a spectacular narrative. Loke Rahbek knows how to tell stories, and deconstructs pop music with a stunning industrial approach.


JORGE VELEZRoman Birds [Ambient — USA]

On his latest release, Jorge Velez was inspired by the deadly volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the City of Pompeii. The New York producer showcases his inner talent for buoyant ambient tracks and late-night club marvels in only five songs. The results here are highly tangible, and appear to reflect a thrilling dive into History. The outcome is startling and abstract, just like the lava sensation it evokes relentlessly.


KELMAN DURAN13th Month [Hip-Hop, Experimental — Dominican Republic]

Kelman Duran was transformed by his time spent on the Pine Ridge Reservation with the Lakota Indian tribe in South Dakota, USA. Far from his dancefloor roots and the sunny days of “6 de la Mañana”, the Dominican producer just released his most devastating release yet. The dense compositions of 13th Month resonate in a percussion mayhem lead by an actual purpose. They sound complex, textured and haunting, but still danceable thanks to a high dose of hip-hop, dembow and reggaeton. Full of depth, and truth.


TORO Y MOIOuter Space [Chillwave, Nu Disco — USA]

Chez Bear is finally back with Outer Space, giving a funky new direction to his 360° artistic work. The songwriter (and mastermind) has been collaborating with indie musical acts ABRA, WET and Instupendo to make his new record forwardly pop, but still highly creative. Outer Space is an ode to technology and computers as the modern tools and instruments of contemporary composition. His nu disco galaxy is undoubtedly rooted in the present, taking his perpetual experiment to a myriad of new places.


ULTRAMARINESignals Into Space [Balearic, Downtempo — UK]

The acclaimed duo just released their splendid 7th studio album. This one is distinctly lengthy and ambitious, but remains accessible thanks to the luxuriance of its collaborations. Mastered by Noel Summerville, Signals Into Space features saxophone, vibraphone and vocoder, constantly restoring its balance through improvised songwriting. The whole listening experience is rewarding but also subtle, with an epic sense of groove all the way.



BOB MOSESEnough to Believe (Jamie Jones Remix) [Deep House, Progressive]

If you feel like enjoying the sun and picking flowers from the garden, you should dive into this fantastic deep and progressive house remix from Jamie Jones. It makes the great Bob Moses single so delightful and easy to listen to, giving it real radiance. Its elegant minimal house touch truly shines through simplicity and positivity. Put your headphones on and appreciate, since everything is in its right place on this.


COSMO SHELDRAKEWriggle (Mr Jukes Remix) [Indie Pop, Jazzy Beats]

If you’re looking for a crowd-pleaser, here’s your monthly dose. Jack Steadman (Bombay Bicycle Club frontman) did such a feel-good rework of his friend’s song it just infuses continuous joy all along the track. This magic collaboration is an eccentric and brillant gem, easily as frisky as the original song from the multi-instrumentalist’s debut album. Infinitely hitting the replay button on this one.


CRiMe and My Friends (CRi Remix) [Chill House, Downtempo]

Few artists dare remixing their own tracks in official releases like the Montreal-based producer CRi does. The icy vocals from Sophia Bel are reworked here, and turn the original downtempo tune into a luminous chilled out house remix. Uptempo it is, with an irresistible groove delivering immediate pleasure. You will love to stomp your feet to this wild bea(s)t.


SCULPTINGPOWERExplorer [Tropical, Experimental]

Far too few listens for this cheerful fest of jungle beats, full of peaceful bird chips and running water gimmicks. Explorer feels like flowing through a vintage video game filled with magnetism and splendour. It is playful and glorious, but also smooth and awkwardly unique. A whole new world to delve into, eyes closed and ears wide open.


SUNROMYellow [Deep House, Slow House]

Adventure is around the corner with this slow house marvel from Sunrom. Yellow sounds like the best from David August. It recalls a desert land with chill deep vibes, making the track a real trip under sunny skies of happiness. It is greatly exotic, full of love, with nothing to fear. Just like the best summers of our lives.


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