Dream of being a DJ but lack the creativity or skill? A Toronto start-up has created an app that allows the crowd to step into the shoes of the DJ, putting them in charge of the music selection in the club.

PSLY, available on the App Store, is a new interactive app being tested in nightclubs across Toronto. Those on the app are able to vote on which song the DJ plays next. Whichever gets majority vote is on deck to play.

Their idea is to create a shared experience, where the crowd can “control the vibe” and atmosphere of the venue they are at.

Users search and select a song from their music library for a suggestion. Other users will sift through those suggestions before voting on what they think should play next. Majority vote rules, the DJ is notified through the app, and that song will play next.

The first trial run of the app happened at Toronto’s Love Child Social House earlier this summer during an event hosted by Daniel Caesar. Now, every Friday at Figures, PLSY users take charge of the music.

Discrediting the DJ

This app may be every DJ’s worst nightmare. Unless you are a DJ at a bat mitzvah and your job is to entertain children by taking multitudes of requests, the vast majority of DJs will tell you that nothing irks them more than a request from a partygoer. Prior to their gigs, DJs spent countless hours curating a perfect set. Whether they produce their own tracks or play those of others, they work tirelessly to find music that will create the right vibes for the upcoming party. They’ve spent hours on this set already and haven’t even set foot in the club. Now, you want to add your two cents?

A big reason we head out to venues to see certain DJs play is that we appreciate and trust their taste in music and ability to create a vibe and party. We want to celebrate these DJs, not discredit them by questioning their ability to put together an awesome set.

There are some events including weddings, corporate gatherings, proms, and the aforementioned bat mitzvahs where PLSY may find its true place. However, it is not with hardworking DJs and the dedicated music purists of the nightclub circuit.

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