Ocean Lam is the Music Director at Social Room, producer at Typhoon8 Records, as well as the founder of Hong Kong-based promoter and party series Hypnotic, celebrating its 5th anniversary this month. As one of the iconic leaders of Hong Kong’s vivid electronic music scene -often contributing to podcast/mixset series like Bloop., Deepicnic, Epizode, Localize- Ocean will be back to celebrate her own birthday and Hypnotic’s in her second home.

For the occasion, she will bring the incredible Berlin-based producer and storyteller Inland (supporting his album “An Invitation to Disappear” from the label A-Ton/Ostgut Ton) for a very special and intense performance on January 26, 2019. Pure, heartfelt and moody: this show is not to be missed! Discover why below, share the love and get your tickets right now!


ES: 2018 just came to end, delivering an impressive collection of outstanding releases, sensational festivals and unforgettable club shows, in Hong Kong and beyond. If you only had to recount some as the best of 2018 feature, which ones would you pick?
OL: Epizode Festival was an incredible experience! As for club nights, I would say Hypnotic: Spacetravel at Social Room.


ES: You’ve played some of the most remarkable venues around the globe, from Barcelona’s MOOG to Seoul’s Faust, Manila’s Time or even Berlin’s Ipse, gaining considerable practice and recognition. How did these shows abroad impact the way you’ve apprehended and managed your live sets as a performer? What do you prefer between playing fests such as Wonderfruit or Quest + Epizode, and headlining smaller venues?
OL: Playing other countries has always embodied some challenges and surprises at the same time! I love the feeling of playing for a crowd that I don’t really know, and I just feel happy when I see them starting to smile, dance and connect with me for a few hours, it means the world to me. And I’m really grateful for those clubs who believe in me and let me play there, I would say 95% of these shows are great and super fun.


Listen to her Guest Mixes here:


ES: As the founder of Hypnotic, Typhoon8 Records producer, and Music Director at Social Room here in Hong Kong, what would you say is your main purpose towards the local scene? How would you describe the current state of electronic music here (DJs, audience, venues, etc.)?
OL: We just keep doing what we always do: play music we like, bring artists and music we like to Hong Kong, for those who want to enjoy a peaceful night with nice music, jokes, dance with us and get lost for few hours and meet some like-minded and passionate people. There has been a lot of good DJs, club nights, festivals in the last couple years, it’s going good! We just need a lot more people to enjoy the music we like together and support, not just people following the hype and big names for going out. Follow your ears, as there are many good events with great music that are waiting for you to discover here.


ES: How was your experience at the sensational winter holiday adventure, the Epizode Festival in Vietnam this year? Did you catch any artist you love as a fan or a friend there? Would you recommend the experience to our readers?
OL: This was my second time playing for Epizode, and it’s just getting better and better in terms of line up, set up, vibes and the way they collaborate with regional artists, promoters, clubs to connect the West and the East for 11 days on this beautiful island. I met many new friends and team members. So much fun, love and magical things happened! My set on New Year’s Day was truly amazing, with a crowd really enjoying the music, dancing so much together… I will never forget this moment. Advice to those who never experienced it: you should try Epizode 4 this year! I also want to say a big thank you to Epizode for everything. I’m really looking forward to the next one, and hope I can keep playing for them.


ES: Inland kicked off his album tour with a Berghain show, supporting his latest record released on A-Ton -which is a sub label of Ostgut Ton- and is now touring the world. How do you feel about hosting him and the amazing visual artist Julian Charrière in Hong Kong on this very special occasion?
OL: When I starting Djing, we were still in the MySpace era. I started to connect with some artists I like, and Ed Davenport -aka Inland- was one of them. He gave me some good advice on finding good music and labels when we didn’t even know each other. I still remember this very well, even if it was just one or two times messaging at that moment. I finally got the chance to invite him to HK to say thank you in person, and on top of that it’s his debut here. The perfect moment to help promote his amazing & beautiful album on A-Ton/ Ostgut Ton (one of my favourite labels) for Hypnotic’s 5 Years and my birthday party.
I am really really excited and happy! I hope to see many faces this Saturday at Social Room.


Inland and Julian Charrière new record, “An Invitation to Disappear”:


ES: You’ve been hosting many incredible DJs through the years, both local and international. If you could host some fest here in Hong Kong with only imagination as your guide and wallet, who would you pick for the perfect line-up?
OL: This is a dream, and also a very nice question… Surely I would have many artists and friends play, that would be my dream. This festival would be just all about love, music and fun & friends haha!
For local and regional, I would pickl: Anthony2, Basil Tam, Fresh Funky S, Zac Watz, Taku Hirayama from HK. Miiia, Micro/ Wave crew from Shanghai, Nigls from Beijing and many more of course.
On the international scene: Azimute, Hiver, CYRK Live, Spacetravel, Ricardo Villalobos, Ion Ludwig, Iron Curtis, Mor Elian, Efdemin, Margret Dygas, Zip & many more of my favourites artists I would love to bring to Hong Kong.


ES: How do you feel about this new year? Can you tell us more about your upcoming projects for 2019?
OL: I just came back from Hanoi, where I played Savage last Saturday with Jo.D. It was a great night, seeing my friends there. After this double birthday event, I will head to Bangkok on 9th Feb to play at my friends’ party called Loud at Mustache, really looking forward to it! Then in March i will have Hiver and Basic Soul Unit coming to play with us! Also, planning to go back to Berlin for my holidays in July.


Don’t miss Inland, Basil Tam -a member of Typhoon8 Records and true regular of Social Room, who also performed at Sonar in Hong Kong last year- and Ocean‘s incredible performance at Social Room next Saturday and get the last limited advance tickets when you still got the chance!

Inland will be playing at Social Room this Saturday.

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