You might have heard of Robin Cho AKA CHOICE37 as the legend and mastermind from YG Entertainment, one of the most influential and spectacular South Korean labels and companies. More than a DJ, CHOICE37 also is a record producer, a songwriter, and a key member of the YG Family, which is currently redefining the contours and concepts behind what people might think is South Korean music.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, he’s the man behind dozens of hits by Bigbang2NE1G-Dragon, and many others. True to his hip-hop roots, he never ceases to focus on the future of South Korean music, going way beyond the usual labels and spectrums of the so-called “K-Pop” wave. CHOICE37 will be playing the iconic Club Cubic in Macau on Saturday, July 13th. Let us put it this way: it is a show not to be missed for all music lovers around the city at that time of the year. 

We had the chance to exchange a few words with Robin ahead of his upcoming show. Discover his musical and personal background below!

ES: As an American-Korean record producer and DJ, how did your dual roots influence the way you approach music as a songwriter, from the Longevity Crew hip-hop era until now?

CHOICE37: I definitely approach music from a hip-hop perspective. I grew up really inspired by the hip-hop culture, and it really shaped my sounds. Also, the way hip-hop continues to be a voice for the youth, never ceases to inspire me.


ES: Who would you say are your biggest influences as a musician, from both sides of the Pacific Ocean (and more)?

CHOICE37: When I was young, my biggest influences were Michael Jackson and Prince. Through my teen years, I was into Dr. Dre, A Tribe Called Quest, and anything broadcasted on Rap City (BET). In my 20’s, I was really inspired by the J. Dilla sound.

ES: With bands such as BIGBANG, EPIK HIGH or the duet LEE HI and their alternative tone, you’ve created something different and fresh for K-POP, with the integration of R&B, hip-hop and new musical colours through the use of the English language. All things considered, do you see yourself as a “K-POP artist”?

CHOICE37: I used to hate the word “K-POP”, but I’ve ultimately come to terms with it. I just hope people see us more as hard-working musicians, who happen to speak Korean. We strive to bring the best quality music to the world, and hope people will recognize it! 🙂


ES: You’ve been friends with YG’s legendary Teddy Park for years. How would you describe your long lasting partnership and passion in YG Entertainment?

CHOICE37: He’s definitely someone I look up too. I’ve been blessed to work with him, and continue to learn from him. He pushes for greatness here at YG, and inspires everyone.


ES: Besides being a producer, you’ve also been a partner in the clothing company Human Potential. Can you tell us more about this apparel project and your involvement in it?

CHOICE37: Human Potential is my wife’s and brother-in-law’s brand. All bias aside, I love their clothes and wear them all the time. It’s also great to see other artists (G-Dragon, CL, Mino, A$AP Rocky, Jaden Smith, etc.) wear them too!

“HUPOT” Apparel


ES: You’ll be playing Club Cubic in Macau on July 13. When DJing, what goals do you try to achieve, what emotions do you want to bring for your crowd? How would you describe the show to come to someone who doesn’t know your music live?

CHOICE37: I love playing at Club Cubic. My main goal is to bring something new while having people dancing all the time. My set consists of hip-hop & trap, k-pop, pop, and more. I love to drop songs that currently inspire me, and mix them all up. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday (7/13) at Club Cubic!

Choice37Club Cubic

Check the event on Electric Soul without further ado for more info and book your tickets for this incredible show to come! ⚡