At the beginning of this year, Pioneer DJ Corporation announced that it would be changing its company name to AlphaTheta Corporation. The Pioneer DJ name will not disappear from CDJs and mixers, however. In the official statement, the company reassures that none of their brands or brand labels will be affected. 

Officials state that the company name was updated to better reflect its values and vision. Any rumours of sale, mergers, or reorganization can be squashed. Back in 2015, Pioneer (the electronics company) and Pioneer DJ went their separate ways. This name change could come as a solution to end any confusion remaining after the split. The two separate entities will now exist without mix-ups.


So why AlphaTheta? 

AlphaTheta refers to the alpha and theta brain wave frequencies. Alpha brain waves are slow and high in amplitude. Someone sitting in meditation is often in an alpha state. Theta brain waves are even slower. Someone that has drifted into a daydream is in a theta state.  

The corporation chose a name relating to the functions of the brain to comment on the effect music has on our minds. Music can shift us into alternative states, move us to different levels of consciousness, and truly affect our human experience. AlphaTheta promises to continue to create technologies that will enable and assist these positive peak human experiences. 

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