Rave Scout Cookies, a queer and POC-centered multimedia platform and electronic music community has released its first handbook, Rave Scout Cookies First Edition Handbook #001. The folx behind Rave Scout Cookies compiled the handbook to tell the history of the rave, explore dance music’s queer and POC-centric past, give tips on how to rave safely, and provide a list of books and recordings that you should definitely become more familiar with.  

The brainchild of Salman Jaberi of Boston’s VISCERAL techno and house brand, Rave Scout Cookies aims to preserve the rave counterculture and pay the rightful respect to those that started it. Their M.O. is to give a platform to and bolster underrepresented and marginalized artists, music, ravers, and their spaces. 

rave scout cookies mission statement

In the handbook, you’ll find an exploration of rave culture and the artists who cemented it, through a queer, POC lens. It will shed light on some of the collective’s favourite artists including Ariel Zetina and Justin Cudmore, showcase diary-like entries from those in the scene, and provide a snapshot on initiatives like ALKHEMY and POR DETROIT, that are doing their part to bring the underground dance scene back to its Black, Brown, and Queer roots. 

Likely the most important part of the handbook will be the harm prevention guide featuring DanceSafe. A cause near and dear to Jaberi’s heart, who has personally lost many friends to the drug epidemic of nightlife, this guide will hopefully help the community rave a little safer. Although the pandemic has pressed pause on queer nightlife, it has actually ramped up drug use in LGBTQ+ communities. Jaberi told them, “I think people are doing more drugs now because they’re home and stressed out. Especially the LGBTQ+ community, if you look at [the percentage of LGBTQ+ substance users], it’s way higher than among heterosexual folk, just because of stress factors and the things we deal with on a daily basis. With the pandemic going on and people losing their jobs, trying to figure out when they’re gonna pay their rent next, it makes sense that there are heavier drugs involved.” 

sneak peak of rave scout cookies handbook

Just because people can’t go out (sensibly and legally, at least), doesn’t mean they aren’t partying. However, without people around or friends keeping an eye on one another, the outcome can be less than favourable. Jaberi mentions that people are going to do what they want to do, but he can at least provide the tools and information for those to educate themselves on how to not put themselves and others at risk on the dancefloor. 

Rave Scout Cookies aims to entertain and educate and do it all within their futuristic, yet totally retro-1998-hmtl vibes. In addition to the historic story time, profiles, and guide, the handbook will also feature an archival selection of vintage party flyers for your viewing pleasure. 

The Rave Scout Cookies First Edition Handbook #001 is now available for pre-order here and will ship out on October 15. 

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