“Shi Fu Mi” means “Rock Paper Scissors” in French. Shi Fu Miz Music Festival is the third edition of the homegrown electronic music festival took place in Sai Yuen of Cheung Chau on 27th and 28th October.

Setting in Sai Yuen Farm in Cheung Chau, Shi Fu Miz Music Festival is remote from the city. After 40 minutes of the ferry ride from Central and another 20 minutes of walk from the busy market in the center, we have arrived in the southern tip of the island where Sai Yuen located.


Once we got into the festival ground, we were in a realm where seems secluded from the concrete jungle Hong Kong we know. With a complex and quite environment of farmlands and secret beaches, Shi Fu Miz Festival was set with 2 main stages – 1 headlined with DJs performing chill electronic music, and the other 1 with funky boogie hip-hop rhythm. Apart from the music program, there were also short yoga and martial art glasses respectively.

We sat down and introduced some of our Electric Soul swag and diffraction glasses to our new friends. There were several foods and beverage options on-site, such as Pirate Bay, The Pink Pig Music Bar and Restaurant as well as Picada. Although the options were rather limited and sold out soon after the sunset, it was yet with various choices such as vegan food. To purchase beers and beverage, festival-goers had to either bring their own cups or rent reusable cups at the counter, as to resonate with their green strategies to reduce non-environmental waste such as plastic cups.


After the sun is set, Ben UFO took the main stage of Shi Fu Miz, his deep house and slight techno sounds had gathered all the festival goers to the main stage and pushed the atmosphere to the highest! People moved and danced, closed their eyes, experienced the deepest realm of music with their souls, but not with the eyes.


The 2-days long electronic music festival has brought in more than 20 international electronic music talents came to an end after French electronic music group La Mamie’s closure. Although it wasn’t crowded, Sai Yuen is yet the most perfect location in Hong Kong for an outdoor music festival (out of all those we have been to). The chill crowd on the festival ground had gathered for a series of quality electronic music, that set parts from the mainstream Top 40/EDM music we had overheard in nightclubs – It definitely worth the ticket price!

Lastly, we wanted to give a big shout-out to Team Shi Fu Miz and La Mamie for organizing the third edition of Shi Fu Miz festival, and can’t wait to see them again in 2019.