Home is where the heart belongs, at least in our books.

Over the past weekend, our home city Hong Kong hosted one of the longest standing music events in the world, Above & Beyond Group Therapy 300. The event gathered more than 11,000 ravers from 50 countries all over the world, to celebrate the success of Group Therapy Radio Show in the past 5 years.


Some might say compared to ABGT 250 that was hosted in the picturesque Gorge Amphitheatre, Seattle, Hong Kong may not live up in terms of scenery and number of attendees. But we found the contrasting venues over the 2 days to be refreshing, let along an all trance line up that would appeal to music lovers.

We have come across a lot of beautiful souls during the festival, many who flew long miles to celebrate the borderless lover for electronic music. People of all walks of life, culture and origin came together in the name of trance, to celebrate music and love, something we cherish at Electric Soul.

Raver from Salt Lake City, Utah


Joshua from Vancouver Trance Family


Raver from South America


Oldies but Goldies


Once again, we are thanking Live Nation Electronic Asia for hosting this amazing and soul-touching Group Therapy with the Anjunadeep family. We look forward to more intriguing music events in the future. Until next time, Ravers!


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