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5 Rave Fashion Trends Happening In 2018

by ElectricSoul, on January 26, 2018 - Rave Savvy

Apart from the good music and good food at all your favourite festivals, fashion is a quintessential element as well. With all the new fashion trends up and rising, we've chosen the hottest 5 trends that will definitely be the

What EDM Sounded Like 10 Years Ago

by ElectricSoul, on January 19, 2018 - EDM & Electronic & DJ & Dance & Trance

EDM has soared in popularity over the past decade and its style has changed noticeably as well. If you're curious about the 2000s EDM scene, we've prepared a list of the top DJs and trending tracks that will send you

10 EDM Festivals for your 2018 Bucket List

by ElectricSoul, on January 12, 2018 - EDM & Electronic & Dance & Experience

If you're a hardcore raver, here's our top 10 must-go festivals from all four corners of the world. With their unique acts and stunning stages, these events are certainly creating a buzz within the EDM scene. Boomtown Chapter 10 London,

The Ultimate Female DJ Playlist to kick off 2018

by ElectricSoul, on January 05, 2018 - EDM & Electronic & Dance & Music & Female & DJ & Playlist & Spotify

We've all heard of many talented male DJs, but how much do you know about the female artists taking control of the turntables? Here's a handpicked playlist of the industry's hidden gems and why not read along to discover a

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